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#3: Audiobooks

Audiobooks are yet another thing that I came to rather late in the game. I’ve always been an avid reader… Voracious really. Ever since I was a kid, every spare moment I could find was spent with my nose buried in a book. I read whatever I could get my hands on, regaling my family with random facts if I was reading nonfiction and plot details if I was reading fiction.

My appetite only grew when in high school I discovered the untapped bounteous shelves of fantasy and science fiction. Funnily enough, it all started with a worn, beat up copy of The Hobbit in my English II classroom. Everyday in that class we had a period of silent reading and I forgot to bring something one day. My teacher had a box of old magazines and ratty old books that she let us read if we didn’t bring anything so I picked it up… After I read it in class, I begged her to let me keep it. It was so unloved in that box. I read it again at home and my love was in full bloom. By the end of that semester I had read the entire The Lord of the Rings trilogy checked out from the school library.

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