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“So, how are the kitties adjusting?”

As you might already know, I started my new job as a kitchen prep at Chipotle. It’s going well, so far, but it is EXHAUSTING. The muscles I used to have, from my time in the Chili’s kitchen when I got out of high school, are LONG gone, so it’s probably going to be a painful transition. That is, I’m so freaking sore…

But I really don’t feel like dwelling on my little aches and pains, so we’ll move on…


One of our biggest concerns with the move was how the cats were going to handle the change. Silly us, apparently. They took the car ride like champs, sleeping in their kennel the whole way. The only issue was in the hotel rooms. Elliot (the orange tabby) was terribly confused as to where upstairs had gone. You see, they’ve lived a very sheltered little life, only leaving our two story apartment for quick visits to the vet. So, I’m sure they had no real comprehension of the world at large. The vet’s office was just another room, somehow connected to the apartment. They went there and then came back. On the trip, every time we stopped for the night and let them out of the kennel in the hotel room, Elliot began a fairly systematic search for “up”. She climbed on the highest furniture and stood her tallest, searching every corner for her room. (The spare room that all there stuff was in at our old apartment.) It was adorable. Molly, on the other hand:

Once all of their stuff was present, the frantic search for “up” has ceased. As soon as we let them out of the kennel after we had unloaded the uhaul, Molly set off to look for boxes to get into and Elliot started running back and forth on the couches, just as happy as she could be to have her stuff back.

Now that we’re settled, they are totally happy with the sunbeam situation. In our old apartment we only got sun inside for about an hour in the afternoon, in a very small patch. Our new place has a large patch of sunlight in the spare room for most of the morning into the early afternoon, when it moves into our bedroom until sunset. Molly and Elliot are seriously ecstatic about the arrangement. They spend the majority of the day lying in the sun, only moving to stretch.

The rest of the time, they spend sitting in the window. They LOVE the windows. Since we now live in a climate that allows/requires open windows, their little kitty world has just been vastly broadened. I can’t say how many times I’m sitting in the living room, watching Netflix or on the internet and I hear meowing from one of the rooms. Most of the time it’s just Elliot freaking out about the trash truck or something outside and then she comes running to tell me what happened. :)

Last week, though, I hear Molly’s distinct meow from the spare room. LOUD. And she didn’t stop, so I got up to investigate. There she was, on top of a stack of boxes, meowing at me. So, of course, I went over, petted her, picked her up and made a general big deal of her and she was all purrs the whole time. That same day? Three more times! The last time, I got this:

I don’t know what I would do without our girls. And we all can’t wait to have the man of the house back.


I’m so sorry!!

I’m sorry guys! I went to lunch with my mom this afternoon and I forgot to blog before I left. So, yeah.

To make up for my negligence, here’s a couple of funny videos. Enjoy!

NaNoWriMo Filler Post!

Yay! Isn’t it what you always wanted? A filler post!! :D

I’m gonna let my geek show and share some videos of my favorite geek/nerd related music. Enjoy!

First up: “Do you wanna date my avatar?”
As a recovering World of Warcraft addict, I LOVE this song and video! By Felicia Day and her castmates at The Guild. (Great online show!)

Next, let me see… Ah! For a mix of just about everything there is to being a geek (at least my own personal brand) “Yuri the Only One for Me” by the LeetStreet Boys. I love the boy band angle. (I really hope someone else gets some of these references…)

And last but definitely not least a song by Jonathan Coulton who I love SO much. Enjoy this live version of “Tom Cruise Crazy” (Apparently JoCo hasn’t recorded any videos. What a jerk! Totally kidding! Although sanctioned videos would be nice… ) with the oh so awesome Paul and Storm. Scientology much? ;)

So, there you have it… I would have included something by MC Frontalot but I couldn’t find any good videos. Is my “geek” showing?