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Fitness Frustrations

This post came out sounding a lot more disgruntled than I intended it to. I guess it’s a combination of tiredness and… Well, no, mostly just the fact that I’m sleepy! (-_^)

This whole fitness thing is so strange. I’m just starting to feel like my old self again, that old strength returning to these tired (recovering) bones. I’m starting to feel strong again, which is a huge relief, and on top of that, I’ve been losing weight. And that’s the weird part. I mean, yes, weight-loss was part of The Plan, but it wasn’t the main goal. I do need to lose weight if I want to run and not wreck my poor knees, so bit by little bit, it’s coming off. The thing is, I’m not losing it uniformly. I’ve noticed a lot of change around my face, and my legs are starting to tone up nicely (I’m getting that nice “line” of muscle back on my calves! Woo!) and my hands and wrists are looking less sausage-y.


It’s all disproportionate! My waist has decreased, but not nearly as much as my legs, so my new pants that were fitting so nicely all over are now pretty much the same in the waist, but starting to get baggy on my legs. It’s so irritating!


I keep hitting weird plateaus where for a week or two my weight stays EXACTLY the same. Every weight in. EXACTLY THE SAME. And my scale goes to the first decimal. This past week and a half was like that. Every couple of days or so. Same time. Same conditions. SAME EXACT WEIGHT TO THE FIRST DECIMAL! I started to think my scale was broken. Finally, though, this morning when I weighed myself I’d magically dropped over a pound since Tuesday. Odd. (And yes, I know this sounds contradictory to the “weight doesn’t matter” thing, but after progressing pretty steadily, these little speed bumps are irksome.)

And on top of weird weight-loss woes, the lovely wardrobe I’ve spent the last three years accruing with my grown-up teacher salary, mostly doesn’t fit me anymore. I still have some clothes from ages ago that kind of fit, but it’s that back of the closet stuff you always mean to get rid of, but never get around to tossing. And it’s from the broke, bygone era of mostly t-shirts and jeans. Except the jeans are long gone from over-use. So, yeah, I have no jeans. Partially because I REFUSE to wear stretch denim because it feels gross and partially because the only place I’ve ever found regular denim jeans no longer sells them.

So, yeah, if you see me wearing slacks and t-shirts on the weekends (a lot), that’s why. I have no coordinating clothing anymore. I have slacks that fit, but few nice shirts that do. And I have tees that fit, but no jeans that do.



Dramatis Personae

Do you ever look around yourself and get the feeling that everyone around you is just playing a role that they think they’re supposed to?

Lately, I’ve been finding shopping to be one of the most depressing activities in the world. Well, not shopping per se, but anywhere that there are large amounts of people engaging in an activity mundane enough that they let their guard down.  Do you ever look around while grocery shopping and see your fellow zombies no longer attempting to maintain the facade? It bums me out. Which is why I prefer not to grocery shop during peak times. Give me 11PM on a weeknight over after work or on Sunday anytime! I think the moms with dead eyes are the worst…

Anyway, that’s not really what I logged in to write about. I’ve been thinking a lot, as I’ve already mentioned. And I’ve been mostly thinking about my future and what I want to do with my life hereafter. I love the idea of being a writer, but I’m not sure that it’s lucrative enough to be a reasonable choice of career. Especially with Aaron in school right now. So, for now that gets the back burner. So, I teach. Or something like that. (What do you do when even YOU know what you’re teaching is bulls–t?) I think more and more I’m coming to see that the lack of tangible results with teaching is leaving me unsatisfied. Maybe I’d do better doing something that creates a product. That was awfully gratifying as a barista. I loved making a quality product that left my customers satisfied. So very gratifying! But meaningless too.

I say this chafing against meaningless work is the product of being told a million times throughout our childhoods that we “can do anything!” I don’t know about you, but I think that the sense of entitlement that that idea has fostered has caused generations of people to feel like they need more. More than a drudgerous, middle of the road job. We need to DO something with our lives! What a load… I’m gonna go see if Walmart is hiring greeters. Might as well get a jump on it, right?

“Don’t put one foot in your job and the other in your dreams, Ed. Go ahead and quit, or resign yourself to this life. It’s too much of a temptation for fate to split you right up the middle before you’ve made up your mind which way to go.” from Player Piano by Kurt Vonnegut

UPDATE: Kind of lame as far as rants go, I know, but I kind of lost my steam when I didn’t get to write right away… So, yes, this is the gist of what the Uh Oh post was referring to… I hate when that happens!

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In a strange, but interesting, turn of events, if been tagged by someone that found me using the pants tag on one of my recent posts… I’ve never been tagged before but it seems I’m supposed to post a list of 7 little known facts about myself. So, here goes:

7 Little Known Facts About Stephanie:

  1.  I like snakes. I think they’re cool and I’ll play with nonvenomous ones when I can.
  2. Most Disney movies make me cry. Only when I’m by myself, but it happens.
  3. I’ve lived in four U.S. states (Georgia, Florida, Washington and Texas) and in Mexico.
  4. I used to collect Littlest Petshop toys when I was younger. I still have them in a box somewhere.
  5. Before I started college, I wanted to be a chef (leaning towards pastry chef). The only reason I didn’t is that culinary school is incredibly expensive.
  6. When I was little I wanted to be the next Amy Grant, but I was shy so I didn’t want to have to perform in front of people. My plan was to just release albums.
  7. I used to chronically bite my nails. It was a habit that started sometime during high school that I kicked over five years ago. But, I still have relapses when I’m really stressed out. (If my nails are all frayed, I’m probably not having a good week.)

So, there you go. Hope I did all right.

Wow… Pants!

Has it really been almost a month since I posted? I guess since I don’t have my daily annoyances at school to blog about right now, there’s really nothing worth writing about. So, let’s see… I found some dress pants on sale that are, wonder of all wonders, actually too long, which is fixable, unlike the usual pants, that are too short. Um… I got a sewing machine and am currently working on… more pants. Seriously, I always need new pants. Right now I have two pairs of normal pants that fit, a pair of really old khakis that are about to die and a few pairs of black, wide leg almost dance pants that I wear way too much, one pair of which are too short. (In case you haven’t gathered, I have a hard time finding pants that aren’t too short.) Anyway, I think I’ve gone on about pants long enough. I’ll try to update more often from here on out. Toodles!