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“So, how are the kitties adjusting?”

As you might already know, I started my new job as a kitchen prep at Chipotle. It’s going well, so far, but it is EXHAUSTING. The muscles I used to have, from my time in the Chili’s kitchen when I got out of high school, are LONG gone, so it’s probably going to be a painful transition. That is, I’m so freaking sore…

But I really don’t feel like dwelling on my little aches and pains, so we’ll move on…


One of our biggest concerns with the move was how the cats were going to handle the change. Silly us, apparently. They took the car ride like champs, sleeping in their kennel the whole way. The only issue was in the hotel rooms. Elliot (the orange tabby) was terribly confused as to where upstairs had gone. You see, they’ve lived a very sheltered little life, only leaving our two story apartment for quick visits to the vet. So, I’m sure they had no real comprehension of the world at large. The vet’s office was just another room, somehow connected to the apartment. They went there and then came back. On the trip, every time we stopped for the night and let them out of the kennel in the hotel room, Elliot began a fairly systematic search for “up”. She climbed on the highest furniture and stood her tallest, searching every corner for her room. (The spare room that all there stuff was in at our old apartment.) It was adorable. Molly, on the other hand:

Once all of their stuff was present, the frantic search for “up” has ceased. As soon as we let them out of the kennel after we had unloaded the uhaul, Molly set off to look for boxes to get into and Elliot started running back and forth on the couches, just as happy as she could be to have her stuff back.

Now that we’re settled, they are totally happy with the sunbeam situation. In our old apartment we only got sun inside for about an hour in the afternoon, in a very small patch. Our new place has a large patch of sunlight in the spare room for most of the morning into the early afternoon, when it moves into our bedroom until sunset. Molly and Elliot are seriously ecstatic about the arrangement. They spend the majority of the day lying in the sun, only moving to stretch.

The rest of the time, they spend sitting in the window. They LOVE the windows. Since we now live in a climate that allows/requires open windows, their little kitty world has just been vastly broadened. I can’t say how many times I’m sitting in the living room, watching Netflix or on the internet and I hear meowing from one of the rooms. Most of the time it’s just Elliot freaking out about the trash truck or something outside and then she comes running to tell me what happened. :)

Last week, though, I hear Molly’s distinct meow from the spare room. LOUD. And she didn’t stop, so I got up to investigate. There she was, on top of a stack of boxes, meowing at me. So, of course, I went over, petted her, picked her up and made a general big deal of her and she was all purrs the whole time. That same day? Three more times! The last time, I got this:

I don’t know what I would do without our girls. And we all can’t wait to have the man of the house back.


I probably shouldn’t post when I’m sleep deprived…

Or sleep depraved, either, which seems more apt somehow, but doesn’t make sense. I thiiiink…

As if it wasn’t apparent enough to me that I didn’t get enough sleep last night from the fact that it is taking no small amount of concentration to type (Seriously, it’s like trying to walk when you’re falling down drunk… Not that I’ve ever really been falling down drunk… It just seemed like an apt analogy… Oh, look! I’m writing a whole blog post in “half circles”! Bad me… Bad! I really should get back to the real post… All I have to say is: Thank God for muscle memory!), for some reason the “Publish immediately” text to the right of the text box thingy just amused me much more that it should have…

I mean, really, wordpress. What in the world could be soooooo dire?

Must… Publish… IMMEDIATELY… ::GASP:: ::CLICK:: There… The world is safe… I can die in peace now…


So, I’m already struggling not to giggle at the little scenario that’s playing out in my head so that Aaron doesn’t think I’ve lost it and one of the cats makes an odd noise as she jumps onto the couch and I erupt in giggles… And my World of Warcraft stealing husband DOESN’T EVEN NOTICE! Couple that with the fact that I woke up Three Dog Night’s “Black and White” in my head and you’ve got the materials for a very interesting morning. If you wanted it to be, anyway.

I really didn’t know that Three Dog Night did “Black and White”… I think I always thought with a name like Three Dog Night (I TOTALLY JUST WROTE THREE DONG NIGHT!!) that their music would have been more badass for some reason, but looking through their music, I know a lot of their songs. Actually, I know a lot of them enough to sing along with.

And, being the generous soul that I am, I fully intended to embed the song into this post, but it wouldn’t work. I’m sorry. I tried.

I think the giggles have subsided and now I’m just hungry and my eyes are all burny and stuff and we have no eye drops because Aaron hates them the way that I hate nasal spray and I’ve been too lazy/don’t need them very often and I’m really regretting that right now.

Oh, look! Kitties!!

Elliot under the futon... CAT BUTT!

And Molly hanging out by their awesome homemade cat condo. (i.e. A box with holes cut in it.)

Manic energy fading…

I need to go lie down now…

Yeah, I wish I could be witty today too… SORRY!

This does not bode well! Today is the English test. It takes FOREVER for students to finish… And I woke up with itchy eyes, sore sinuses and congestion… I’m thinking today is going to suck.

Since all my synapses aren’t firing, here’s a picture of Elliot. She looks stupid.

Time to go get a giant latte to help me not die!

I’m done… I think.

Okay, so I think I’ve finally settled on a theme and header. It usually takes me a while when I decide to make a change, so I’m not surprised that I wasn’t happy with any of the ones that came before.

What do you think? The header is our (female) cat Elliot. Out of the two she’s the most photogenic since she spends much of her time sitting still and staring at stuff. Not like Molly. If you point a camera at her she automatically knows that you’re looking at her and comes over, insisting that you pick her up and love her. AT ONCE!

Note: First short story, “Exhaustion” has been posted. It’s kind of depressing, but I’d still appreciate it if you gave it a read. Any comments, questions or anything would be much appreciated. :)


Over the last couple of days, I have been following the goings on of Neil Gaiman, one of my favorite authors, as he and his loved ones go through the illness and subsequent death of their cat Zoe. We had just gotten back from a work related trip to Austin when I was going through all of the rss reader stuff that I had missed while we were gone. So, when I was first reading about the tumor that had been found in her throat that was preventing her from eating or drinking, I was lying on the couch with Elliot at my feet and Molly was sitting in between me and the screen, trying to keep me from reading the sad tale. As I read about the little cat and the effect that she had on many different people, tears stung my eyes. I hugged my girls and shared some of what had been written to Aaron. (He wasn’t happy about it. “Thanks for the downer…”) For the rest of the evening, I felt a little sad, but since we had been away both of the cats were really needy and I was more than happy to give them all the cuddles and scratches they could want.

To all the non animal people, it may seem strange to share in the grief of someone else over the loss of a pet, but it takes me to the place where I will someday have to say goodbye to my own sweet kitties. What, I think, was the most striking about this situation was all the different people that loved Zoe. As Neil put it:

“And I’m wondering what it is about this small blind cat that inspires such behaviour — mine, Olga’s, Lorraine’s…. I’ve had cats in this house for 18 years, and there are cat-graves down by gazebo. Two cats died of old age last year. It wasn’t like this.

I think it may be the love. Hers, once given, was yours, unconditionally and utterly.”

I’m sorry for being all sentimental… I don’t know what else to say, except that we shouldn’t take love for granted. Be it person or animal, treasure the ones you love while they are here and treasure their memories when they go. They are not ours to keep and we should treat them like they’ll be here forever. Go hug your mom. Go play with your dog. Smile at random strangers and don’t forget that your server is a person too. If a little blind cat can show love, why can’t we?

An interesting, if busy day

I’ve been needing to get the kitties to the vet for a while but it just wasn’t happening. They needed to get their shots but they’re indoor and I was looking for a new vet and what can I say, I always procrastinate.  Side note: What an unlikely word… pro-crass-tin-ate? It’s fun to say AND do! :D

Anywho, last week I noticed that there were some wiggling, white bits in one of Molly’s “deposits”, shall we say. I wouldn’t have seen them at all but for the fact that Molly is horrible at keeping the litter box tidy, so much so that Elliot sometimes covers things up for her! Because Elliot’s world must be clean!! So says Elliot! So, worms. Yay. Not only that, but we noticed Elliot had what looks like dried blood on the edges of her nostrils that was causing me some concern.

The plan was that on Friday, which was supposed to be my day off, I was going to take the “Booregards” to the vet first thing in the morning, do a bit of clothes shopping (I had birthday gift cards that needed using and I really needed new pants and some other misc stuff.) and head out to Mom and Dad’s to do a drop off/pick up thing that we’ve been talking about for a while and hang out for a while.

SO, Friday morning dawns and I miss it, waking up at the late hour of nine and it was glorious! I take my time getting out of bed, wander downstairs, turn on my cell phone and I’m just about to start thinking about breakfast when my voice mail ringer chimes. Cue sinking stomach of temporal doom. Sure enough, it’s work. They want to know when I’m going to be getting there. (This is another, completely convoluted story that we will just leave alone, k? K.) By now it’s 9:30 and I let them know earliest I can make it is 10-10:30. Still needed to shower and eat and it takes at least half an hour to get there.

Cut to showered and breakfasted me, driving on the expressway, exiting onto “Work Street”, driving some more and I am waiting at a light literally a little over a block away, when I get the call from work that they don’t need me to come in after all… Yay.

At this point I am much closer to the stores I wanted to hit than to home, so I did that first. Which, of course, took longer than expected because I couldn’t find any pants that weren’t either too short or the waist wasn’t really high for some reason. (Do they expect tall people to have strange elongated torsos? O_o) As it is, I settled for some that are just a little short. What can you do?

Now, it’s almost 1, so I head home and make a sandwich, pleased as punch with my new short-sleeved “sweater” thingy that will be just lovely with the dress I bought the week before. Time is ticking away and the kitties still need to be vetified and I still need to head to my parents’. So, lovely procrastinator that I am, I went to Mom and Dad’s and spent a wonderful two hours hanging out with my family instead of trudging through all the distraught people and animals that awaited at this late hour at the vet’s office. My nephew and I sang the Pancake Face song that Aaron says isn’t a song, but I beg to differ. We sat around and talked and I took some great pictures of the kid. I don’t regret my choice at all! :D

Instead, I took the morning off today, got the kitties to our marvelous new vet where they were poked and prodded but they got treats and that made it better. I was amazed that Elliot, who’s usually a bit wary of people at first, was putty in the vet’s hands, even letting him hold her on her back to check out her tummy. She’s fine. He said the nose stuff is probably just a hold over from the respiratory infection they had when we got them and isn’t cause for alarm as long as there’s no sneezing and mucus discharge. And apparently there’s a new dewormer that you use like all of those flea and tick things that you put between their shoulders. No pill. No shot. Sweet!

New Header (Now with more Kitteh)

Following Aaron’s lead, I too changed my blog a smidge. I kept my layout (I like it) and changed the header to a picture of our new kitties exploring downstairs for the first time. :D

WHAT?! A new blog post?! ::faint::

Hi there Internet!

‘s been a while, huh? Sorry about that. Needless to say, I’ve been busy. I lost blog access at work and once I get home I’m usually so brain-dead blogging consists of me logging into wordpress and staring at the screen with my fingers poised on the keyboard. “duuuuuuuuhhhhhhh…. I cain’t think of anythin to blarg about… duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh….”

Anyway, lots of things have happened since I last really blogged but most importantly: WE GOT KITTIES!! :D
We adopted two female kittens last week and they are awesome! They’re just shy of three months old and they were already fixed. Picture tiem! Here are our girls:

This is Molly.This is Molly.

This is Elliot (Remember, she's female)This is Elliot (Remember, she is female)

Molly (my pick) was a little cuddle bug from the beginning. If you touch her, instant purr!  Elliot (Aaron’s pick) is a bundle of energy! She doesn’t seem to get tired of chasing stuff around their room. At first Elliot wouldn’t really let us pet her, but she’s warming up now. She’ll even come up to you and meow for some attention.

They had their first vet appointment yesterday. Both have a mild respiratory infection that’s (according to the vet) pretty common with shelter kitties. I had been a little worried because Molly had a watery eye and had been acting a little distant and lethargic, so that was a relief. He gave them a shot and sent home a dropper with antibiotics to give them twice a day. And I quote: “Just put the dropper in kitty’s mouth and squeeze.” Oh, if it were just that simple… We’ve given them two administrations and I’ve gotten a small scratch from each one upon letting them go. Seriously, how could you not expect them to freak out at a cold, “bubble gum” flavored liquid being forced into their mouths?And may I just say: REALLY?! BUBBLEGUM??? Who thought bubblegum would be a good flavor for CAT medicine?

::sigh:: Only ten to twelve droppers PER KITTEN to go… O_o

But yeah, I am so happy with them! I’ve been wanting to have a cat again for years and this is Aaron’s first time with one, so it should be interesting!

Have a great day! :D


Much better than lolcats, ’cause they’re dogs!

I like this one!
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moar cute puppy pictures

Kitty Update…

So it turns out the guy that took the kitten has allergies. (It was his first cat, so he didn’t know.) She ended up back at Aaron’s house, but there was no way that her sister’s stupid poodle and the kitten were going to be able to cohabitate. His aunt decided to take her until they could find a home for her, but changed her mind before she’d even taken the cat. (We don’t know why… The kitten was litter trained and everything.) So, in the end, after we made all the calls we could think of to make with no one interested, Aaron and his sister took her to the humane society. Now it’s really out of our hands, but it’s probably for the best.