To new beginnings! :)

My Lord! Has it really been almost a month and a half since my last post? Yikes! I can’t promise things will get better right away, but I’m back! :)

It’s been an insane two months since we last spoke. I finished up the school year and with that finished my professional teaching career, hopefully for the long run. I can’t really say that I’m going to miss it, but I will look back with fondness. Even though the career wasn’t a fit for me, I did enjoy the people I got to meet and I can only hope that I was able to make a difference in even a few of my students’ lives. (Blah, blah, blah, sentimental, blah, blah.)

As soon as school was done, it was a mad dash of cleaning and packing, sorting trash, keepers, sellers, donations, etc. (Moving is hard!) Thanks again to our wonderful families for their help loading day! My dad provided his years of packing experience to help us get the most out of that little uhaul and WOW did we fit a lot of stuff into that little space! The last week at home was a strange combination of days spent in frenetic activity and evenings filled with goodbye dinners and last hangouts. My mom was really the only one that almost made me lose it. She teared up almost every time we saw them and we saw them quite often… My mom is a great lady! ::sniffles:: ::cough:: Something got in my eye…

The trip itself was surreal. We had done the math and the most economical way was driving both the small uhaul and my car. Because of the cats, we would have had to rent a much larger uhaul just to fit us all in the cab and the gas mileage would have been much worse, especially if we towed the car, as we had been planning to do. Halfway across Texas, I started to feel not-so-good: headache, congestion, mild achyness. So, by the time we reached Roswell, I was fairly miserable. While Aaron picked up food, I showered, we ate and I collapsed into bed. The rest of the trip was much the same. Drive, feel bad, stop, eat, sleep. We did get to see some fantastic scenery, though, once we got to the mountain-y parts of New Mexico. The tiny bit of Colorado we saw was beautiful, Utah was gorgeous (and we used a dry outhouse rest area in the mountains there… Crazy!), Idaho can BITE me, Oregon was pretty but wouldn’t let us pump our own gas, and then we reached WASHINGTON! :)

I love it here! The weather is gorgeous! (Except for the day it hit 87F… We don’t have A/C. Oscillating fans are amazing!) It’s a bit more humid than I expected, but I shouldn’t be surprized, really, as we’re only a mile or so away from Puget Sound. When the breeze is just right, we even get a hint of ocean air in our apartment. :)

Okay. Back to linear narration.

We stayed in a crappy little American’s Best Value motel for a few days as we scouted for apartments. We found a homey little (stressing the LITTLE) two bedroom that was priced comparably to some studios and one bedrooms we’d seen online. As for myself, I fell in love with the area. It’s a tiny little town that doesn’t even register on some maps/with some companies. It has a very neighborhood feel as opposed to the other place we considered on the opposite side of Seattle that seemed much more sterile and commercial. We put in our apps and waited… And waited… And waited…

I know it wasn’t really THAT long, but when you’re living in a hotel, staying close in case a call comes in, and WAITING, it feels like much longer. FINALLY, five days after we started the process and after we had finally given up and moved into my mom’s friend’s ex-husband’s condo’s spare bedroom, we got the call that the paperwork was through and we could come and fill out the real paperwork and get our keys! YAY!! We said, “We’ll be right there!!” and after signing a bazillion papers, we were handed our keys, picked up the cats and the uhaul and drove HOME. :)

Then there was the grueling unpacking of the uhaul with just the two of us, up stairs, but we won’t go into that, and we returned the cursed thing and went HOME.

And that’s where I think we’ll end for today. :)


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