I really am trying…

…To enjoy the season, but right now, I could punch spring in the face!

This morning started off pretty nicely. I woke up early and it wasn’t terrible since I made myself go to bed early. I did my usual morning routine, but since I was up a little earlier than usual, I took my time about it and ate breakfast at home instead of at my desk before work. When the time came to leave, there was the slightest hint of coolness to the air which was very nice. Traffic wasn’t too horrific and I got to work with plenty of time to spare to check email and enjoy the sounds of spring.

I love birds. Not as pets, so much, but watching and listening to birds outside is always very pleasant for me. So, as I waited for the first bell to ring, I sat at my desk listening to the cacophony of different birds through my slightly propped open classroom door. (Our campus used to be an elementary school and isn’t a single building, so much as a collection of loosly connected buildings that open to the outdoors.) The one benefit of our campus is being able to enjoy some of the rarer local wildlife. We get whistling ducks, woodpeckers, meadowlarks, tree squirrels (Which are an oddity in an area dominated by ground squirrels.) and the normal sparrows, grackles and mocking birds.

And this morning ALL of them were doing their chirpy bird thing at the same time. Except for the squirrels, which are not birds. And it was lovely.

And then, I started sneezing. And my nose started running. And I started getting assaulted by dad-blamed fleas (which were almost gone as of yesterday, but apparently we got a new batch!). And then I remembered why I don’t like spring (not to be confused with Spring, whom I like very much) and I closed my door.


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  1. “whistling ducks”?
    Either my childhood “Farmer Says See’n Say” pull string toy lied to me when it said “The duck goes quack quack” … or you have imposter ducks on your campus. I’m sure you’ll take appropriate measures to render the situation.

    • I think that the whistling ducks are much better than your plain jane quacking ducks! It is, in fact, the see’n say that is being intolerant of different kinds of poultry, which is just wrong.

      For more information on the oppressed whistling duck, click here.

  2. Like you I want to appreciate spring but my nose knows it’s here before I do. And my eyes too. Thankfully we live in Chicago and there is piratically no spring. We have Winter and then Construction.

    • Lol! Oh yes. My entire FACE knows spring is coming before it gets here! And really where we live, we have summer, summer, a cool front, and then it’s summer again. And we’re talking upper nineties and humid! We really need to move. I don’t do heat!

  3. The fleas…I can’t get past the fleas.

    • I know!! It’s INSANE! The only other time I’ve ever seen this many fleas around here was back in high school when we had an “incident” in our back yard with a HUGE wild boar… Seriously, that thing was the size of a pony!

  4. Sometimes, I wanna punch myself in the face, too, lol.

    • Lol! Don’t we all, though? And I think I recall hitting myself in the face once, jokingly, and doing it too hard. That wasn’t pleasant. I wouldn’t recommend it!

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