More about beds!!!

As if I would forget that I left my last post with a bit of a loose thread! PSHAW! (Pshaw is a GREAT word, BTW. Go on. Try it! Fun, huh? Go forth and use it today!)

NOTE: Happy Monday all! I could have sworn I published this on Friday, but apparently not! Enjoy!

As I mentioned, the first night on our “new” bed was fantastic! Right to sleep, quick as you please! The next few nights, however revealed something evil about our new acquisition. SO HOT! And let me tell you, in South Texas, extra hot is not something that one goes in search of. We have plenty of hot and we don’t need any more, thank you very much!

Also, I generate heat like you wouldn’t believe! Lying on the new mattress pad seems to rebound the normal body heat and send it into solar proportions. It took a few nights of discomfort and tossing and turning for me to realize what the problem was. Thanks to this quasar of heat between myself and the mattress pad, I was having trouble falling into anything deeper than a light doze before I would wake up, irritated for no observable reason.

To be honest, the warmth of the bed as the memory foam gently cradles you is rather nice. HOWEVER, as you may or may not know, when you go into deep sleep, your core body temperature drops when you sleep and allegedly for deep sleep to occur without interruption, your skin’s (and muscles) temperature makes a huge difference. From what I’ve read, a room temperature of 60 – 68 degrees (F) is optimum and deviating from this too much can cause restlessness. And LET ME TELL YOU, I was way over that with our new mattress pad.

Cue: frantic music with time-lapse footage of chubby woman with frizzy hair tossing and turning in bed as husband sleeps peacefully.

So, yeah. That’s been fun. But with a combination of a slightly cooler nighttime air conditioner setting and kicking off the sheet, some sort of equilibrium has been achieved. Thank goodness the acquisition of the heat retainer occurred when I was on vacation or you would have seen a very grumpy work Melme indeed!


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  1. sorry you’re not sleeping well, snookums. hope it doesn’t last long.

    i’m going to be a total dick here though and say you’ve sold me on that mattress. i live in the NE and am still fucking experiencing winter and cold and i’m not a happy camper. cold kills. happy muscles are warm muscles.

    sweet dreams.

    • I don’t think that makes you a dick any more than me complaining about excess heat must sound to someone that needs it. So, if you’re a dick, we are dicks together! And if I have to be a dick, I don’t mind being a dick with you.

      Also, here’s a few more, in case I haven’t said it enough: dick, dick, dick-itty, DICK!

  2. I’m bracing myself for this summer because our air doesn’t work as well in our bedroom, for some reason, so it’s miserable during the summer months. And it’s way easier to sleep when you’re cold than when you’re hot. Just add more blankets! Thankfully, since my grandmother was a quilter, I have no shortage of blankets.

    Glad to hear you got it squared away! You’re right, we don’t want a grumpy work Melme.

    • Ugh! I know how brutal hot summers can be! My room at my folks’ house was ridiculously hot for a plethora of reasons. It was the furthest from the a/c unit, it was flanked by the kitchen on one side (shared a wall with the oven and dishwasher) and on the other side by the laundry room (shared a wall with the washer and dryer). No one in the family really understood when I told them how hot is was since their rooms were right next to the unit on the opposite side of the house! Then, recently, my brother was staying in my old room and got to experience it first hand. JUSTICE!

  3. And good thing you got a memory foam so you could do all your tossing and turning while someone else was sleeping soundly! (You did not have the urge to smack his smug face so cute asleep? You are a better person than I am! LOL)

    • Oh, I have to resist flicking him in the nose most mornings when I’m crawling blearily out of bed and he’s snoring away! Makes me so jealous that he doesn’t have to wake up until well after I’m already at work!

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