Bits and Pieces: Glasses, mattresses and other things.

This promises to be a somewhat scattered post as I try to process [some of] the events of the last week or so. I’ll try not to bore you… But just in case, here’s a picture of a monster I made out of clay last year:

He has since been sanded and painted, but I don’t think I have any other pictures of him. ON TO THE POST!

My Spring Break ended yesterday and I was just too distraught about it to write a blog post. Well, not really. I was actually pretty “busy” yesterday. I worked in the morning and then took the second half of the day as a personal day to get my lovely husband some new glasses to replace the ones he “HULK SMASH!”-ed at a crazy party on Saturday. (Actually, he broke them on Sunday as he gently removed them from his face to take a nap, but my version is much more interesting and involves a mosh pit. In reality, there was a tiny snap and his lens fell lightly onto the bed. BORING!) Apparently eyeglass repair is a dying art and none of the places we took them to could fix them on a Sunday afternoon. BAH! Some of us are BLIND without our glasses, people! What’s you’re problem?!

Fast forward to yesterday: The people at the eyeglass place were the most helpful we’ve ever dealt with before and, miracle of miracles, they had the lenses he needed in stock (That NEVER happens to either of us!) and we were able to get them in “one hour”. (Not including the time it took to find the frames, get the eye exam and nail down what options package we wanted. What options? Are we buying a car here or something? Eesh!) So, off we went to waste an hour while they readied my baby’s new eyes! Yay! New glasses!

Anywho, the other “event” that occurred during my absence from the internet (I am just the worst at keeping up with things while I’m on vacation, aren’t I?), was the “fixing” of our bed. You see, when we got married, we were mostly broke and bought a really cheap mattress set and this, let me assure you, will not happen again. It worked out fine for a while but as time has gone on, it has gotten less and less comfortable. The problem is that beds are expensive and with only one income at the moment, we’re not exactly rolling in the dough. So, we’ve been stuck with a crappy bed that makes my back hurt if I sleep on it for too long.

So, I decided I was fed up and we at least needed to get one of those mostly useless foam egg-crate things, if not an actually mattress topper. Off to Wal-Mart we went! I eyed the egg-crate foam thingies, doubtful, now that they were in front of me, that they were going to do anything at all and my eye wandered farther down the aisle… Memory foam!

I’ll admit it… I’m not ashamed… Much. Yes, it was a spurge, but it was still less expensive than buying a whole new bed and OF COURSE we needed new sheets for our “new” bed, right? >_>

::cough:: So, home we went, and several laundry loads later, ah! A new bed! And it was glorious! For the first night, anyway… (-_-)

And with that, dear friends, I leave you. Duty calls and I must teach now! Have a fantastic day!


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  1. Hey, having a comfortable bed is important. You spend a third of your life sleeping, and if you wake up hurting, it can seriously ruin the other two thirds. It’s one of those things that’s WORTH splurging on.

    And if it makes you feel better, we’re still sleeping on the full size bed I bought when I was still single. We really need to upgrade to at least a queen, but eh…Jim’s really skinny, so we make it work, lol.

    Good to see you back and posting! :)

    • Sharing a queen has been an adjustment for me since I had a queen all to myself since high school. I don’t know what I would do with myself (and my pillow nest) if I had to share a full! You are a better woman than I!

      And I’m glad to be posting again! Writer’s block sucks!

  2. Well, let’s just say a smaller bed gives a FABULOUS excuse to cuddle. :-D

  3. Congratulations on your new bed! *wink wink* LOL

    If you consider how we spend 1/3 of our lives in bed (sleeping and other activities…) getting a nice bed is not a splurge but a necessity.

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