They’re heeere…

For those of you that don’t play WoW (World of Warcraft), the remainder of this post will probably fly right over your head. Hopefully it will be enlightening, if not entertaining. And if not, here is a cute picture of one of our kitties. Don’t like kitties? Tough.


For those of us in the WoWing community, the last month or so has been… for lack of a better word: turbulent. Mid November saw the breaking of Azeroth and the restructuring of class/race systems in a way that made the game exciting and new for veteran players and friendlier to noobs. At the same time, the quest-based game dynamics and storytelling that always lure us back when we stray have remained the same, making it the same comforting game we are addicted to all know and love.

Not only did the breaking serve as a way to make a stale game new(ish) again, it was also a reminder of things to come… Things that dropped at midnight last night… Things that I’m counting down the last few minutes of work to join in…

In a word: EXPANSION

For anyone who has never played a game, reached the end and wanted more, the idea of a game expansion may be hard to explain. As I heard a non-gaming friend say this weekend, in an exasperated attempt to understand (paraphrased, of course): You mean, your reward for all those hours of work is more work?

Essentially? Yes. When you look at it that way. But, if the “work” is fun/entertaining/distracting, it’s well worth the “cost”. Let me see if I can break it down. Think about it like movie sequels… Or better yet, a TV series. That don’t suck. Hopefully. You really enjoy the first season so you can’t wait for the second. If the second doesn’t suck, doesn’t change everything you loved, and doesn’t add too much that you hated, then you look forward to the third. That’s kind of how an expansion works. It’s just another “season” of content for you to enjoy. I mean, sure you could just watch the reruns over and over again, but new content means the potential for new enjoyment.

And hopefully, if they get it just right, the new stuff is even better than the old. Here’s hoping!

See you at 85! (^_^)


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  1. I actually picked up my husband’s pre-ordered copy up today while he was at work and installed it for him. So I understand the excitement (even if it is second-hand). :)

    • I did the digital preorder so I could have stayed up til midnight to play if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had to work today. Stupid adulthood! ;-P

  2. awwww, that kitty is precious. thanks for thinking of me. also, how did you get that snowflake effect on your blog? too cool.

    • You’re welcome, hon. Molly just wants a belly rub! :D

      And, about the snow, it’s a WordPress feature that pops up this time of year. I love it! :)

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