And now for a few choice words in American Sign Language…

…Well, not really, but I have to say that at an event were some ::cough:: interesting words were being bandied about, those interpreters put on a very brave face!

Tired, but content, we return from Austin and w00tstock! It was a blast and I will definitely write more about it later, but for now my NaNoWriMo novel needs working on, if I don’t want to get behind.

I will leave you with this: I shook Neil Gaiman’s hand! ::sigh::


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  1. I am jealous. :( I hope the next thing you write is that you took a picture of him/with him.

    • Of him? Yes. With him? No, the line was too long and we had to make it quick. Plus he was sitting on the other side of a table. I’ll post pics as soon as I get some time to go through them.

      I leave you with this: His handshake was firm, but not too firm. His hands, warm and dry. :)

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