“Ha ha ha! Hee hee hee!

“…Little brown jug, how I love thee!” Ah! I have to confess, I’ve always loved Glenn Miller.



On the first celestial evening
From somewhere out of nowhere pebbles drop upon the world.


Sorry. That’s a song from Trigun, one of my favorite anime series. I must confess that Vash the Stampede is one of the few blonds I’ve ever had crushes on… And YES, I have had many crushes on animated characters! Is that really any different than celebrity crushes?! They’re make-believe too!

Seriously… Sorry. I’m really, really tired and I’m sure that this post will prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Be prepared for a scattered and possibly confusing/confounding ride!

I do lots of thinking late at night as I lie in bed trying to sleep. It keeps me up some nights. Woah! What’s with the sudden solomn shift in tone?! Ack!! SO SLEEPY!! But it is true. My brain and even sometimes my body wakes up after 10 PM. It’s a sad state of affairs that even though my job requires me to be up before dawn, my night compatible self still strives to function in the time that it works best. This isn’t exactly ideal for me, since I do have to be up by 6 at the latest and I need more than 7 hours of sleep to be fully functional. If anything, it’s depressing.

Last night, as I lay wide away next to my snoring husband, my brain was firing and my body was eager for activity… You’ve got to be joking! Now? I thought. Now, you want to do something? (-_-) In all seriousness, if it hadn’t been 11:45-ish and I didn’t know the dangers of even seasoned swimmers swimming alone, I would have slipped down to the apartment pool to run some laps.

::sigh:: No life guard on duty (or friends to watch your back) and no pool lights when attempting to do laps in a tiny pool? Not a great idea.My overactive imagination took over even as the longing to swim tempted my muscles. I could just see myself out there in the dark, coming toward the wall, miscalculating the distance and BAM! They didn’t find the body until the next morning. Poor Aaron!

Speaking of muscles… I really wish that I could be a runner. There is a huge appeal to the freedom of speed under your own volition. Sadly, my doctor has advised me to avoid running since I had some trouble with my knee last year and she doesn’t want me to injure it further.

Woe is me. A night owl with a morning heavy job, no pool to speak of and a serious case of sleep deprived itchy eyes!


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  1. sleeping pills …. all I gotta say.

    • Have you seen those commercials for the one with the butterfly!? The small print says they don’t even know how the damn thing works! That’s scary juju right there!

  2. You are ALL about the songs today, eh? Now I have that one in my head. Damnit.

    • I do what I can to share the love! And one good turn deserves another, eh? I regularly have multiple songs bouncing around my addled pate! It keep things… Interesting.

  3. ahh sleep dep – embrace the altered state!

  4. also, could you tweet when you have new posts, please? kthanksbye.

  5. I too have crushes on anime/manga characters. In fact, I’ve never really developed a crush on a real live human. When I was little though I often dreamed of becoming a character inside the manga/anime world… I love what you said about the celebrities being made up too. Tru dat!

    • One of my first crushes was on a character in a Final Fantasy video game. Oh, Locke Cole… The thief of my heart… ::sigh::

      It’s funny. When I have had crushes on “real” people (celebs), it’s usually with a certain character they’ve played. For example, I had a teeny, tiny crush on Aragorn when LotR first came out, but I’ve never liked Viggo Mortensen. I’m just weird that way.

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