I’m even nerdy in my dreams

“Die wanna wanga?”

As Aaron was sick and my back was being twinge-y, we spent a lot of time this weekend hitting our Netflix instant streaming queue. We’ve been catching Aaron up on Doctor Who so we can watch season four together (since I watched one-three over the summer when I had a bunch of alone time) and season six of The Office just became available for streaming so we were kind of bouncing between The Doctor, The Office and re-watching Fullmetal Alchemist*.

Apparently, this stimuli was enough to insert itself into my dreams. First, I had a weird, Doctor Who inspired (I seem to recall David Tennant making an appearance, at least, even if he [The Doctor] wasn’t part of the main plot**) action-esque dream in which I was a waif-like blond girl (huh?) that was afraid of escalators (you only wish I was joking) seeking the answer to some problem that I can’t recall,

On top of that, my strange and twisted psyche also inserted random Star Wars characters into The Office…

I seem to recall something about Micheal hiring Jabba the Hutt and his crew to do some kind of consulting job. My favorite scene/line*** was Bib Fortuna blocking Pam’s way as she tried to go into Micheal’s office to complain about something. I believe the line was something along the lines of: “Ah Micheal no bother.”

Seriously… When are they going to invent dream recorders so I can cash in on this stuff? ::sigh:: Oh, well. For now I’ll just keep dreaming and living my boring life. Too bad I don’t get more sleep…

I find my lack of sleep disturbing…

Sorry! I couldn’t resist!

*But not too much Fullmetal… I love the show, but with my moodiness lately, I don’t think the emotional poignancy of some of the episodes would be beneficial in large doses.

**Yes, my dreams have plots. Yours don’t? ;-P

***And, yes, they have “lines” too! Wanna fight about it?


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  1. When you said crossover I saw Office characters playing the parts of Star Wars characters … kinda like what Family Guy did.

    Pam woulda made a good Princess Leia. … imo. :)

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