Our Third Anniversary: the leather anniversary?

Okay, so whoever made up the gift tradition list, just made my day. With a third anniversary present, the opportunities are endless (and so are the jokes ::nudge, nudge, wink, wink:: but I’ll try to be mature about it.).

I mean, just look at the selection down at Tandy Leather Factory! I don’t know what a concho is, but now I want one. How about this one?

You know… A for Aaron and anniversary? Oooo! How about this one?

Or this one!

What do you think? No?

I know, I know. They’re not quite leather, but since they’re selling them on a leather company’s website they must have something to do with leather, right? RIGHT?

Well, that’s boring. I just looked up the definition of a concho and it’s just “a silver ornament, for use on clothing, either stamped with a design or inlaid with a stone”. BOR-ING!

What else have you got for me Tandy Leather Factory? Hmm… Maybe I’ll get Aaron some wool daubers:

Still not leather but… It’s fun to say…





Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face? What? Were we talking about something?

Right! Anniversary! Leather anniversary. ::snicker::

Let’s see Tandy, old gal, old buddy, old pal. What else you got? I’ll just take a peak around this corner… Aw… Kangaroos!


What are you doing with the kangaroos? You’re making them into what?



I see…

Yeah, no, I get it.

Sure, sure. He didn’t pay his child support. Skipping town.

Yeah. Menace to society.

No. It’s alright. I’m fine.

Oh wow. That’s soft. ::clears throat:: Hey, ah, Tandy, old pal? Got anymore roos back there that need to pay their debt to society? Cause I was thinking… Halloween’s coming up and Aaron mentioned something about a steampunk cowbow…

Yeah, enough for a calf-length duster…

And a discount if I buy enough for matching chaps? ::snicker:: Think you could throw in a few conchos?

Sure, that’s it.

That’ll be how much? ::gulp:: Uh… I think I forgot my wallet at home… Can I get back to you on that, Tandy, old buddy?

PHEW! That was close… Yeesh! Who’d have thought kangaroo leather of all things would be expensive? But that brings us back to the drawing board, now, doesn’t it? Oh well…

Happy Anniversary, my sweet.


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  1. I love the traditional anniversary gift list! I’ve always wanted to follow it and my husband and I celebrated out first year anniversary this past month with PAPER! I got a puzzle (one of our wedding photos made into a puzzle by some awesome company out there) and I framed a painting I did for him that had part of our vows in it. Can’t wait until next year – the list makes gift giving fun and something interesting to look forward to each year. :)

    • Happy Belated Anniversary! Hope your first year was as wonderful as ours. It’s funny, the anniversary present traditions hadn’t even occurred to me until a coworker mentioned it a couple of months ago and I looked it up. :)

      Thanks for dropping by! :)

  2. I vote for the daubers, because it’s a cool word and it looks funny haha.

  3. The leather anniversary? Talk about a kinkster’s dream anniversary. ;)

  4. This was so beyond hilarious and i totally needed it

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