And there was much rejoicing…


It’s funny. I had a whole slew of things that I fully intended to blog about today and now that I’m sitting here in front of the keyboard, I can only think of one. But that one is the reason for the brainlessness that I am experiencing this morning:


I’m sure from blog post previous, you could parse that we live in an apartment building. And of course, with apartment living comes various pros and cons. Currently, the pros are outweighing the cons but this weekend was incredibly trying. And this weekend’s big, glaring con was the roofers that were stomping about above our heads on both Saturday and Sunday at 7AM.

If my ravings about being tired (and because of being tired) haven’t made it clear, I rarely get sufficient sleep and I am NOT a morning person. But thanks to my job, I have to get up every workday by 6AM at the latest. This does not make me a happy camper and the majority of my mornings find me bleary eyed and yawning constantly. The only thing that makes up for this constant state of sleepiness is the blessed weekends where I get to sleep past the dawn and wake up [moderately] refreshed.

But, oh no! Not this weekend. No, no, no. THIS weekend had to be the weekend that our lovely apartment management decides to roof our particular building of the complex. The other buildings were slotted for other days before and after, but ours was chosen for the weekend. Needless to say I’ve been grouchy. And to add insult to injury, on Sunday they only worked on our roof half the day. So, 7AM to 12: tromp, tromp, tromp. Then, nothing.

Come on guys. The weather’s been nice. Couldn’t you have started an hour or two later?


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