Perfectly Nerdtastic!

First of all, I’d just like to say that getting away, even for a weekend, can do wonders for an overwrought psyche. Especially if said weekend involves taking a half day from work!

Hi! How are you? Me? I’m all kinds of fantastic.

Our “weekend” started off with taking a half day from work on Thursday. We were going to be driving up to Austin for a concert Thursday night but Aaron had classes, so we decided to wait to leave until the afternoon so he wouldn’t miss too much. I don’t know what it is about leaving work in the middle of the day but I have to say that I love it! Not that I can get in the habit of it or anything, but it is nice every once in a while.

Anygerbil, Thursday afternoon was spent driving up to Austin and trying not to be terribly nervous about finally getting to see/meet MC Frontalot (AKA Damian Hess). My little fangirl heart had been skipping beats for almost a week at the thought. I’m less than confident when it comes to meeting people (though I think I hide it well) and I’ve always been terrified that if I ever met anyone (be it author, actor, musician, etc) that I really admire, that I would make a complete fool of myself. The dark fantasies in my head range from being frozen with anxiety and coming off as a jerk to drooling, idiotic fawning. Both of these extremes and many of the in betweens would be mortifying.

So, there we were in Austin, heading out to the venue (The Highball) and I could feel the anxiety bubbling up out of every pore. We weren’t sure when the show started due to conflicting reports and that alone was making me a little crazy so we got there early and realized we were hungry. The dining area (of the Highball) had a 45 minute wait so we decided to see what else we could find nearby. Nothing. We ended up at McDonald’s (ick) and I was in a wretched mood. Poor Aaron. After a bit of yammering on my part, Aaron calmed me down and back we went!

There was, apparently, an 8o’s dance party before the concert which turned out to be a lot of fun (and even more so once the free shots of tequila started flowing ::cough::). We were goofy. We danced. My little fangirl heart did a little jump when Frontalot walked by us during the hullabaloo. Then, finally, it was time. The concert was fantastic! Short, but energetic. And we were really close to the stage. (Very small venue, but still!) I had a blast! Afterward, we bought swag, took pictures and got CDs signed. And yes, I talked to him without making a complete fool of myself (the alcohol probably helped with the nerves a little) and Aaron tried to get him to come do a show in the RGV. Somehow I doubt that’s gonna happen but you can’t blame a guy for trying!

Here’s a little taste of Frontalot (gotta love the vocabulary!):

We didn’t get back to the hotel until almost two (the concert didn’t start until after midnight) and pretty promptly zonked out. Breakfast in the lobby, check-out, a bit off mall walking and a delicious iced vanilla latte from Kick Butt Coffee led to our exodus from Austin. Who’d have thought there’d be nothing to do at 11AM on a Friday. Plus, I was experiencing a serious crash thanks to the anticipation and excitement being gone. That was not fun. We lunched in San Antonio and headed home.

The key feature of the rest of our weekend seemed to be loafing around the house and getting Aaron caught up on Doctor Who. I love it! A totally nerdy way to spend and nerdtastic weekend.

(Insert witty, eyebrow waggling comment about playing doctor here.)

How was your weekend?


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  1. So that’s what MC Frontalot looks like. Glad you had a good time :)

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