When things seem dark…

…Spam comments and awesome bloggers will light the way!

I have to admit it. I love getting spam comments. Well, the ones that attempt to sound human while having “names” like AnTiViRuS. They brighten my day whenever I get them and give me a little laugh. Today I’ve gotten such gems as:

keep it real, iight


what is this suppose mean

No punctuation. No capitalization. I love it!

But then, I’ve always loved the creative ways that people butcher English. If I ever come across some malformed but well-intentioned translation in English, I can’t contain my glee! I remember a box that a cheap toy my brother bought for my nephew that was made in Korea or China and the enthusiastic and mostly incomprehensible phrases on the box still make me giggle. (I have it tucked away in a closet somewhere.) If I’m not mistaken one of the exclamations said something like “Increase the child to felling color!” Instant glee! I LOVE IT!

I also want to say thank you to anyone and everyone that is still reading, whoever you may be, even after my long(er than expected) hiatus. The summer did a number on me, so thanks for being here and being supportive. I should be finding more time to blog in the great hereafter.

Thank you, my friends. I bask in your awesomeness!


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