Why does “tuckus” make me think of Narnia?

Maybe I’m thinking of Mr. Tumnus cause I don’t recall much Yiddish in The Chronicles…

Hi again! I would have blogged earlier in the week, but wordpress is being all blocked again and I forgot about being able to post via email. Silly me.

The last couple of months have been really challenging. Not only was I laden with responsibility as I mentioned during my "hiatus" (which I’m not sure is over yet) but my lovely husband has been working his little tuckus (tuchus?) off making movies. What I certainly didn’t know about the movie making business (at least in non-union states like Texas) is that the hours, especially in a time crunch like they’ve in been all summer, are a little crazy. For the first half of the summer it wasn’t so bad since it was actually for a class and they had some limitations as to how long they could work but the second and third projects have been independent of the university and haven’t held to any kind of set schedule. This mean, in short, that I haven’t seen a whole hell of a lot of Aaron this summer.

This has led me to feel a bit like a crazy cat lady… Most evenings lately, I’ve made something to eat (for one) and camped on the couch, vegging out with Netflix, flanked by the cats, until 9:00 when it’s time for them to eat dinner. At that point, they get put up for the night and I retreat to the bedroom to read until I’m either exhausted enough to fall asleep or Aaron gets home. Usually the two coincide and I’m drop dead tired when Aaron gets home and I’m struggling to stay awake while he tells me about his day. Gotta say, not a fan of only seeing my husband for a total of 5 to 8 hours A WEEK.

So, yeah. I’m pretty sure the crazy cat lady/hermit lifestyle, while glamorous, isn’t for me. I’ll be very, very glad when the shoot is over and we can get back to normal, quiet nights at home. Not much different than now, except that we’re together. (^_^)


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  1. I believe the correct spelling is “tuchus”. At least that’s what I gathered from dictionary.com

    God help me for some reason after reading your post I heard The Spice Girls’ “When Two Become One” playing in my head.. O.o

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