vanitas vanitatum omnia vanitas*

*Vanity of vanities! All is vanity. (Or the early edition of “You’re so Vain”! ;P)

Wouldn’t you know it… The year that I make the commitment to stop being lazy with my wardrobe and banish some of my worst fashion offenders from my life, like the polo shirts that I had to wear for a few jobs and that were on the way to becoming a habit just because of sheer laziness. Ick.

So, polo shirts, gone. T-shirts only on extremely lazy/casual days or when the laundry hasn’t been done… But that never happens… ::shiftyeyes::

This year, of course, had to be the year that my employers gave us, not one, but two polo shirts! And not only that, but it’s that awful, polyester “sport” material that I abhor! We got them both during teacher appreciation week; one from the district that has the district logo and one from our campus that has our campus logo and our name.

This puts me in quite a pickle… We’re expected to wear district colors on Fridays (memo emailed from the superintendent, no less) and other than these two itchy, uncomfortable polos, I only have a campus t-shirt in the right color. I’d been wearing the t-shirt and not making eye contact as I walked by the office, but it’s been looking a bit faded and so… Today I decided to wear one of the polos…

At first, I chose the campus polo, since it was personalized and our admins might care (I don’t know.). But it’s got strips of white on the sides that adds itchy seams to the already itchy material and it’s more fitted that the other one, making it a little more snug that I like. I even went so far as to walk out the door with it this morning, but by the time I’d gotten to the car in the South Texas humidity, it wasn’t happening. I huffed back into the house and tore off the damn thing and threw on the other one. It’s less adorned and was less likely to earn me brownie points, but it was roomier and had no offending seams.

So, against every principle that I’ve been working to adopt, I’m wearing a polo shirt today… And I don’t feel pretty. :(


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  1. i never feel pretty in work clothes. i always feel like an imposter when i’m all conservative and grown-up dressed. at least i don’t have the itch factor. feel for you, shug.

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