Ha ha ha ha ha ha… ::hack:: ::cough:: ::cough:: ::wheeze::

No, I don’t actually have a cough. But I’m supposed to get one by the end… Fun.

I didn’t go into work today… The last couple of nights as I’ve been trying to fall asleep, I’ve started wheezing and my breath has kind of rattled and whistled its way out of my throat. The first night I didn’t think anything of it, because, as I’ve mentioned before, I have allergies and weird breathing stuff is kind of par for the course. But last night, I took some time to actually pay attention to my body and I noticed that while I was feeling congested, there was nothing in my throat… It had to be something in my lungs. Scary.

And, of course, my manic brain leaped to the worst possible things… I’ve got pneumonia and I’m going to die in my sleep… I’m developing asthma and I’ll never be able to do anything fun ever again… And so on and so forth. After a fitful night’s sleep, I called into work this morning and later called my doctor to make an appointment. (Just FYI, I hate going to the doctor so for me to decide that it’s necessary, it’s gotta be bad!)

The funny thing about all of this is that usually when I have anything wrong with my respiratory system, there’s a lot of coughing or a sore throat or something, but this time, nothing. Cue more worry.

The doctor’s visit was painless, even though my usual PA was out today and I was seen by someone else. Diagnosis: Bronchitis. Yuck. She explained everything that was going on in my lungs and prescribed an inhaler and cough syrup FOR WHEN THE COUGHING STARTS… (-_-) That’s right. The inhaler is supposed to do its magic and loosen all the crap in my lungs and that crap’s gotta get out somehow. So expect coughing… Joy.

Finally, before we were shuffled out the door, she gave me a coupon for “up to $50 off” of the inhaler. Score!

So, Aaron chauffeured me to Target to get a going away present for one of the teachers at my campus which was great cause target is awesome and I found two different sizes of Preserve cutting boards (recycling 4tw!) but sad too since my mentor teacher from my first year teaching is leaving. Then we went to WhichWich and Aaron totally made my day when he started singing an augmented chorus of “No one mourns the wicked” (from Wicked) to his “Wicked” sandwich (pictured above)! :D

Then off we go to the grocery store where we always get our prescriptions filled and I ask for mine. The guy takes a while to find it even though I can see it from where I’m standing (not a good sign, but I let it go) and when he brings them over, I hand him the coupon. Remember the up to 50 bucks from earlier? Good. He looks at it, front and back, reads it a little and hands it back. I quirk an eyebrow at him and he explains something to the effect that “since your co pay is less than 50, this isn’t going to do anything.” Uh huh… Someone’s never used a coupon before… I replied that “I think” (trying not to be condescending) that it means that it will take care of up to 50… He gives me a doubtful look, but when I don’t back down he says he’ll “try it” and see what happens.

We wait for a few minutes while he goes over to the machine and fiddles with it. He comes back with a chagrined look and tells us it worked. We get it for free! I tried to act surprised, but may have failed and Aaron was just looking at him like he was an idiot. In the end, I only paid ten bucks for the cough syrup and nothing for the inhaler. Score indeed!


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  1. It wasn’t true. I did mourn the Wicked after I savored it. Sigh…

  2. Sorry dude. Hope you feel better. Praying for you. Nice going on getting the free inhaler. :)

    • We could not stop marveling at that guy… Had he really never used a coupon or something? Yikes!

      And thanks, Marty! The prayers and well wishes are most welcome! :)

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