Phantastic Photo Phriday: Part Eight!

Today is a mixed feelings kind of day. It has been an awesome day, but at the same time, it is the last day off I have until August. But what can you do?

First thing this morning, Aaron and I went to the outlet mall that’s about half an hour away. The key to any outdoor activity in South Texas is getting it finished before the sun hits its peak, otherwise it’s way too hot. We were a little sad that the half price bookstore was gone, but I was super happy to find that one of my favorite stores was having a 40% off sale and I found a bunch of new summery clothes. It’s always fun to see this on your receipts:

I bought more than I usually would have because of the sale prices and the fact that I just got paid, but I'm always in need new clothes! :)

After that, we went to a dollar store because a) what day out shopping is complete without a jaunt to the dollar store and b) because it’s the only place that has a certain kind of candy that Aaron loves:

Seriously... Some times I wonder if he loves the candy more than me... ^_-

And what trip to the dollar store would be complete with an obligatory look around the store for hidden treasures? Like bargain panties:

Or piñatas (Why does the sun look angry?):

And what author doesn’t aspire to grace the spinning rack?

And who wouldn’t want a singing, fishing donkey? :D

And lastly, I was actually tempted to buy this one (you can’t see it, but it lights up!):

And that concludes this weeks Photo Phriday! Have a great weekend! :D


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  1. hilarious! best photo phriday yet. that sun looks like an angry drunk and scares the bewitched out of me.

    • Glad you liked it! I love going to the dollar store! There are so many quirky things to giggle at! :D

      And as for the sun, I KNOW! SCARY!!

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