I probably shouldn’t post when I’m sleep deprived…

Or sleep depraved, either, which seems more apt somehow, but doesn’t make sense. I thiiiink…

As if it wasn’t apparent enough to me that I didn’t get enough sleep last night from the fact that it is taking no small amount of concentration to type (Seriously, it’s like trying to walk when you’re falling down drunk… Not that I’ve ever really been falling down drunk… It just seemed like an apt analogy… Oh, look! I’m writing a whole blog post in “half circles”! Bad me… Bad! I really should get back to the real post… All I have to say is: Thank God for muscle memory!), for some reason the “Publish immediately” text to the right of the text box thingy just amused me much more that it should have…

I mean, really, wordpress. What in the world could be soooooo dire?

Must… Publish… IMMEDIATELY… ::GASP:: ::CLICK:: There… The world is safe… I can die in peace now…


So, I’m already struggling not to giggle at the little scenario that’s playing out in my head so that Aaron doesn’t think I’ve lost it and one of the cats makes an odd noise as she jumps onto the couch and I erupt in giggles… And my World of Warcraft stealing husband DOESN’T EVEN NOTICE! Couple that with the fact that I woke up Three Dog Night’s “Black and White” in my head and you’ve got the materials for a very interesting morning. If you wanted it to be, anyway.

I really didn’t know that Three Dog Night did “Black and White”… I think I always thought with a name like Three Dog Night (I TOTALLY JUST WROTE THREE DONG NIGHT!!) that their music would have been more badass for some reason, but looking through their music, I know a lot of their songs. Actually, I know a lot of them enough to sing along with.

And, being the generous soul that I am, I fully intended to embed the song into this post, but it wouldn’t work. I’m sorry. I tried.

I think the giggles have subsided and now I’m just hungry and my eyes are all burny and stuff and we have no eye drops because Aaron hates them the way that I hate nasal spray and I’ve been too lazy/don’t need them very often and I’m really regretting that right now.

Oh, look! Kitties!!

Elliot under the futon... CAT BUTT!

And Molly hanging out by their awesome homemade cat condo. (i.e. A box with holes cut in it.)

Manic energy fading…

I need to go lie down now…


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