“And this UFO came and sucked the brain right out of Uncle Billy’s head!”

No Photo Phriday this week. I didn’t take any pictures cause I’ve been out of it all week. Sorry!

Right on the heels of a UFO sighting in a nearby town ::snicker::, I’ve been contacted by aliens though my spam folder again… I ask you, my wonderful readers, to help me decode the message:

Criminal Relevant,bloody receive turn mass help arise over warm organization enterprise persuade restaurant low fire body responsible oil mother shot somebody surface increasingly merely rest mention be withdraw whole current encourage security per kill theatre dress interested no only effective double function wonder company strange else reach choose hour market team your tonight creation properly stone ensure employ my description standard meaning nation tax environmental educational comparison legal store normal communication journey party representative contribution observe launch narrow shut activity sort divide music associate impression typical as area capacity tear round first

This message seems more threatening than the last… Maybe with my botched translation last time, I missed some kind of rendezvous or something and now they are angry. Please, help me! I don’t want to disappear!


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Posted on May 14, 2010, in Random, We are not alone.. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Oh shit! Someone shot the oil mother! We’re all doomed!

  2. Effin aliens … they’re encouraging security to kill theatre dress. No one go to the theatre! And they’re having a Journey party. Journey?? Seriously? This isn’t 1981.

    Like I said … effin aliens.

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