Phantasic Photo Phriday: Part Seven (The Saturday Edition)

Blerg! Why is it that as soon as I get my equilibrium back after state testing, we have another one? It’s just one thing after another! :(

Sorry I’m late, folks! It was a busy day of doing nothing productive. Gotta love that, huh! :)

I’d like to start today with a little something that probably a grand total of 2 of my readers will get (which is why I’m trying to get it out of the way first). We were eating at Whataburger, an awesome Texas burger chain that we always miss when we’re out of state, and I got this number:

Which, of course, is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. It made me smile! :D

Then, a few days later, when I got home from work there was a flier hanging on our doorknob. I glanced at it and did a double take. I must have read this thing ten different ways and concluded it was just badly written:

I assume that it means that the price of your pizza will be what time you call or something like that, but that grammar is awful!

And last but not least is the scene that met me when I ran downstairs after hearing a crash sometime last week:

::gasp:: What happened here?

Why are my flowers here? And where is...


I was angry enough at the attempted assassination (which it was, obviously) that I kind of sort of offered my cat (well, Aaron’s cat) to the internet… It was done in the heat of my anger, but I didn’t really mean it. Spock was saved by the trash bags, after all and I did manage to salvage some of my flowers:

Even though some of them were missing:

And the rest ended up here:

That’s the trash, by the way. ;)


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