To shave-a da face. To cut-a da hair. Require da grace. Require da flair!

I love Sweeney Todd! :D

Mwah ha ha ha ha HA! It’s that time again. Every five or six years I get sick of having long hair and make some poor stylist nervous asking for them to demolish my long tresses.

This time, my hair had grown to about the small of my back and since I live in hotsville Texas, the offending blanket of long, curly hair was in a constant state of bunhood. I’m incredibly hot-natured and I hate (with the burning passion of a thousand suns, ironically) anything that makes me hotter. So, hair in bun was the only way [I was willing] to cope with it.  The only time my hair was released from its clippy prison was in the evenings at home, when I could drape my hair over the arm of the couch I was lying on OR in the cooler months, if I’m not being lazy… Which I usually am.

So, bringing us to now, I got the wild hair — ::ba dum tish:: I’ll be here all week! Puns, folks! Give ’em a round of applause! — sometime last week to take the plunge and chop it all off. I talked with Aaron and a couple of my friends from work that have to see my bunny hair (get it? cause I wear a bun all the time and bunnies and hares are… Oh, never mind… I’m not very punny, I know.) everyday about it and it was decided (which it would have been even without their okay, but it was nice to have it anyway).

That brings us to last week and the HORRIDNESS that is TAKS week and my determination only solidified. I told everyone I was going to cut it over the weekend, but that didn’t happen since I had no energy after being brainlessly monitoring for a whole week and spent pretty much the entire weekend on the couch. So, yesterday came and one of my coworkers asked about it. I assured her that it would be “soon”. (I think she doubted my seriousness. Ha!) On my way home from work, I was still undecided but I knew if I didn’t do it soon, it wasn’t going to get done for at least a month.

I called Aaron to let him know that I would be stopping on my way home and I did it. As always, the chick that cut my hair was a little nervous about it but I assured her I wouldn’t cry when it was over. Wait, that didn’t sound right… So, I gave her an idea of what I wanted: shaggy short in the back with an angle cut down past my jawline. She was still nervous, so we looked through hair books and found elements of what I wanted and once she was sure that she was going to get it right, off it came!

I love it! It’s light and breezy and I can be lazy about it and let it curl however it wants or straighten it or whatever! I got a lot of double takes when I got to work this morning. :)


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  1. Pics or it didn’t happen. ;-)


    Now if only I could my school to let me show Dr. Horrible to the 8th graders. muahahaha

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