And we get to do this whole dance again in July!

The past week passed in a blur of boredom and exhaustion. All I will say is that I am sorry for the lost time and the neglect to my blog, but that is behind us now and we can only move forward, right! (^_^)

Looking through my saved drafts, I just discovered that the hurried post I wrote on Tuesday didn’t publish for some reason… Ah well, that’s not important. Though I am convinced that the ELA (English Language Arts) portion of the test is evil and I have proof:

This is the tally we post on our windows to keep the administration updated as to how many students are still testing. The list is never long enough for the English test, as you can see, and I always have to make extra lines as time presses on. Notice, if you haven’t already, the last three official lines of the list:

That's right: EVIL!

I’m not sure what exactly this means, other than the obvious, but in case I’ve inadvertently created some evil meta-test you know the truth. If I disappear, tell everone! The test ate me!


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Posted on May 3, 2010, in Random. Bookmark the permalink. 8 Comments.

  1. When did you fall into The Matrix? Or did you take your pictures through a vintage Coke bottle? ;)

  2. i’m in! finally. sorry the ELA evil got to you. it’s been eating me alive my whole life.

  3. added you and aaron to my blogroll today. sorry i didn’t do it sooner. had to catch up. xoxo

  4. You officially win hardcore dedicated olympics. I would have been like I’m outie. BUHBYE!

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