The Lord of the FLEAS!

Sorry, folks. No white conch shell here. But at least no Piggys will die, eh? ;)

This is getting ridiculous! As I mentioned a while ago, our campus (not just my classroom) has been inundated with fleas. ::shudder:: Just thinking about it makes me itchy. :(

At first, I have to admit, I thought maybe a student had brought some from home with them but as time went on and the kill count the truth became apparent. I talked with other teachers and sure enough, they were having the same thing happening. Of course, we alerted our administration that fleas had taken up residence and they promptly called maintenance to come and spray… Outside… (O_O)

That’s right! They sprayed the grass OUTSIDE and did nothing for the little buggers that were in our classrooms leaving red marks all over our ankles! To make matters worse, the day that they sprayed it rained. And it rained the next day. AND the next day. (Seriously! SO ITCHY just thinking about it! ACK!) I don’t know much about pesticide, but I doubt it works very well when it gets washed away by torrential South Texas rain. But I could be wrong. (Even though I doubt it.)

Given the situation, we are all pretty paranoid about it. Our eyes scan any bare skin regularly, seeking out the little paracites. I find myself jumping at flecks of pepper, pen marks (cause I’m messy like that) and even freckles that I know are there! Little tickles and itches that would normally be dismissed and ignored are suddenly VERY IMPORTANT. As I type my earring brushed my neck and made me slap myself… Cause I’m smart like that.

Today alone, I’ve killed four fleas that I caught in the act. Filthy little beasts. Can anyone tell me what ecological purpose fleas serve? I mean, I know that while mosquitos are just as annoying and ITCHY they are a souce of food for birds (as adults) and fish (as larva). What about fleas? Are there any “benefits” to fleas. I mean, sure, they carry the Plague and typhus and who doesn’t love that, but what other benefits are there? O_o

I actually managed to get a semi-decent picture of one of my attackers. I killed him carefully (not carfully) to preserve the look of horror on his evil little face!

He got what was coming to him!

Bet you didn't know they had such human faces! THEY DO!


::shudder:: I think I need to go take a four hour bath in boiling water with lye soap and bleach!


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  1. shudder!!!!! this happened to me at a workplace once. same lack of reaction. i could have killed. and was worried about bringing them home to my pugs, carpets and beddings. fleas are proof there is no god, unless he/she is a sinister scumbag. fleas are clearly a bad period in evolution

    • Gah! Seriously! From the time I posted this I’ve killed more than ten! I took the hunt to them and might have looked like an idiot bent over scanning the linoleum but I killed a bunch! UGH! Our kitties better not get any! >:(

  2. Lmao at the flea faces. Those little shits got what they deserved. I think you ought to go all Ripley on the fleas asses should the problem persist. Your school comes with an heavy lifting exoskeleton, right?

    • I don’t think that a cargo lifter would be much good against itty bitty little fleas. They would OWN a giant cargo lifter! What you need is nano robots! O_o

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