I got betrayed! (It’s true!)

So not cool, Benadryl! I’ve been using you to manage these awful spring allergies for over a month now with no ill effects. So, what gives? Why have you suddenly decided that making me debilitating sleepy would be a good way to repay my faithfulness? What have I done to offend your apparently sensitive sensibilities? Please, give me a sign! What can I do to return to your good graces? No one else makes me feel the way that you do! You’re the only one for me! I need you! Don’t do this to me! (ToT)


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  1. You helped inspire today’s poem. You could always go to the allergists. And remember the two rules of going to see any doctor.

    1. Never turn down a prescription.



  2. zyrtec d. i think i told you this before. the D makes sure you don’t get sleepy. try em, girl! and i’m with aaron, never turn down an Rx. and always let your insurance company pay for your pills is what i say. street drugs are expensive.

    • I think I’ve tried zyrtec before and it didn’t do much for me. So far the only one that works is Benadryl and up until yesterday it hadn’t been making me sleepy. Damn.

      As Aaron will tell you, getting me to go to any doctor is a battle… If I think I might die, then I’ll go. Allergist, smallergist! ;)

  3. I’ve told you about my Advil Allergy Sinus. It still sometimes makes me sleepy though so it might defeat the purpose.

    Try drinking chamomile tea (unless you’re allergic). It’s been helping me lately. Even stops the running nose and calms the endless sneezing. :D

    1-2 more months till summer. I’m excited for allergies to hopefully go away by then.

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