Phantastic Photo Phriday! Part 6

Ah, it’s Friday again! Too bad I have to work today… But on the plus side, that means I have a chance to at least start this post and if no students turn up for tutoring, I’ll get to finish it too! (^_^)

Looking though the photos I took this week, it occurred to me that the ones I picked for today, as the best and most interesting, would tell an interesting story if left on their own. It would be an altogether inaccurate tale, probably but funny, in any case. But that may just be my own, strange sense of humor so I won’t assume anyone else would piece them together the way I would. That’s why the last set has the story all made up for you! Aren’t I generous? (^_^)

Anywho, I’ll get on with it, since I’m sure you’re here for the pictures and not my prattling. First up we have a “WTF?” brought to you from my unsuccessful shopping trip midweek. THIS is everything that is wrong with plus-sized “fashion”. For every article of clothing that any self-respecting fat girl would actually be willing to wear, there is something like this (no offense meant to anyone who wears giant sequined zebra heads on swirly purple backgrounds):

The only person I could see wearing this is my grandmother. In fact, I'm pretty sure she's GIVEN me stuff like this... Not my cup of tea!


Next up in our lineup is the picture I would have posted with Monday’s blog post, but I was still dealing with filter issues. I was playing white and Aaron was black. Now, I’m sure Aaron would like to assert that his loss was due to the Jack, but I’m just that good! (^_-) And, let it be noted that after confessing I had been going easy on him when we were playing backgammon, he told me not to, SO I gave it my all during our Othello match!

In Othello, AKA Reversi, whoever has the most of their color at the end, wins.


Last, but not least are some pictures of the lovely surprise that was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday. There was no card, but I’m pretty sure they were from Aaron. Even though Spock is clearly trying to take credit for them, that sly dog:

Orange Peruvian Lilies! Just like the ones that were in my wedding bouquet! :D

Spock: Do you like these flowers?

Me: They're lovely...

Spock: Will you run away with me?

Me: Hmm? What?

Spock: Please, I can't live without you!

Me: So pretty... Wait... What?

It was at that moment that I realized he must be playing me, cause everybody knows Spock is all about cold logic, not passion. And besides, how would he know what kind of flowers I had at my wedding? I mean, he’s only been coming around for a few months… Pretty sneaky Spock!

(Thanks for the flowers, Aaron. They made my night!)


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  1. awwww so sweet of aaron. and thank you for the spock closeups! i can’t get enough of that shit.

  2. I love the inclusion of the Spock cup two weeks in a row. And the Spock itself which is my second favorite cup in my house. Second only to the Kirk cup. ;-)

    • Lol! I was about to type “It’s cause Spock is the new black!” before I thought better of it. Someone might take it the wrong way or something! And we can’t be all offending people, right? I’m talking about clothes, people! Geez! ;)

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