And that’s because the night before I was being annoying calling him “Drunky”

What do you expect? He went to a BAR with his SISTER!

I completely forgot about the network filter issue and I had mostly finished a post for today that, of course, I don’t have access to. I guess it’ll have to be for tomorrow, then, if I can be bothered to remember. :P

Anywho, I’m muzzy and bleary eyed today, thanks to a combination of the thunderstorm that woke me up at 3AM last night, not drinking coffee this morning and allergies. But, really, I am the worst person in the whole, entire world to be in charge of my sleep. For all of Aaron’s best intentions, if I don’t feel like going to sleep, it’s not going to happen. And boy do I pay for it!

Take last night, for example. We had a productive evening. Our weekly grocery shopping got done, we did laundry and then we played board games. Great fun, right? Well, yes, it was fun. I taught Aaron how to play backgammon and we played a couple of games but I made the mistake of eating most of a cantaloupe about an hour before bed, while we were playing Othello (or reversi for those of you that know it that way).

Side note: I must say that my cantaloupe was by far the better choice for our “Oops, we forgot to eat dinner!” snacks. Aaron had one of those single serve broccoli and cheese thingies with a little bag of Fritos topped off with some water and swigs of Jack… Broccoli? Good choice. Fritos? Hmm… Could be better. Water? Excellent! Jack? Not so much.

After I had annihilated Aaron at Othello, we went to bed where we both settled in to read. Or so Aaron thought. Maybe 2 minutes after we got upstairs, the sugar from the cantaloupe kicked in and I started bugging him. Let me give you a little glimpse of how annoying I was being:

Scene: Bedroom. Aaron is reading whichever Dexter book he’s currently working on and I’m reading a bit of science fiction fluff that’s making me feel better about my writing. A minute goes by in silence.

Me: What ya reading?

Aaron shows me the cover of his book.

Me: What ya reading?

Aaron: (puts finger in book) Well, nothing at the moment, since I’m talking to you.

Me: (crazy stare) What ya reading?

Aaron: (exasperated sigh) Nothing.

Me: (I turn back to my book, pretending to read but secretly watching from the corner of my eye for him to start reading again.)

Aaron: (reads book for probably two words)

Me: What ya reading now? What are you reading RIGHT NOW?

Aaron: You know, nothing. I’m not reading. (closes book and puts it on nightstand)

Me: (crazy eyes) BUT WHHHHHYYYY?

I’d like to say that this was the end of it, but no. It didn’t stop there. For some reason, Aaron thought that playing his DS would fair better against my interrupting cow routine, but that wasn’t happening. He was playing puzzle quest and I kept pestering him with: “What color did you just match? And now?”

Yeah… I’m annoying. (^_^)


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  1. Yeah, that was kind of annoying. But the retelling was hilarious. :D

  2. Don’t feel bad at all! I’m the same way in bed when I’m restless and bored. :D

  3. I love your crazy conversations. I do the same sort of stuff with my husband.

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