I pass the test … I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Melme…

Well, that was abysmal… My classroom is divided into three stations, my students are divided into three groups and we go through rotations every day. We start with Whole Group for 17 min (everybody together) then group rotations (17 min each): Small Group, Computer, Independent Reading, and finally Wrap-up (Whole Group) 7 min. All of two students showed up, from two different thankfully and one of them got called out twenty minutes into class (a few minutes into her group’s small group time) and stayed gone for the remainder of the period. The other student was on the computer for her group’s computer time and should have gone to reading next, but I changed things up so at least part of my evaluation, that only lasts for 45 min of our 70 min period, could have something to do with teaching and not just monitoring students that are working independently. Still, me and my principal had a good 10 to 12 minutes where we were kind of just sitting there looking at each other. She offered to come back next Wednesday, but I wanted to get it over with. I hope that wasn’t a mistake. Still, she seemed impressed by what she saw and asked me if I needed a SmartBoard (I’m the only teacher on campus without one. Annoyance 4TW…), so I think I might be getting one. HALLELUJAH! Can’t wait for that! :D

Also, WordPress is blocked again. It was working this morning. (v_v) Can’t a girl catch a break? (ToT)


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  1. I think it’ll be fine as long as you didn’t pull a Cate Blanchett playing Galadriel style freak out. That’d probably be the end of your career, like, everywhere.

  2. I’m hungry and I’m still at work. 8:15pm. Just wanted to share that.
    I’m aware this comment has no relevance to your post.

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