What was I doing on a bus at midnight last night? O_o

In hindsight, the latency of twitter could have been used for an awesome April Fool’s gag, but I messed it up this morning (before I remembered what today is) by tweeting about my forgotten coffee mug. ::sigh:: Plus, I don’t think I have the heart to pull of a decent April Fool’s blog, such as the one that Aaron posted years ago. Hooray for me being slow on the uptake.

Around midnight last night, just as we were turning it (because I’m a glutton for bleary-eyed punishment and not getting enough sleep) my husband got a tweet from me that said:

Why can’t I get the bus drivers that speak English… My Spanish is hopeless for giving directions. :(

Now, I don’t know what I would have been doing on a bus at midnight, especially with a Spanish-speaking bus driver. Aaron was sure that everyone would think that I was leaving him, although why I would be a) leaving in the middle of the night and b) not kicking him out and sleeping in my nice warm bed is beyond me. If I really was "leaving him" I really can’t think of any reason that it wouldn’t be him that was tweeting from somewhere out in the dark, chill night while I gathered all of the game consoles that we’ve acquired over the years around myself for comfort. I mean, if I’m leaving the man, he’s obviously done something and deserves to be console-less. Jerk.

The truth behind this mysterious tweet, is that I actually sent it last Thursday via text. I was on the bus with some of our concurrent enrollment students, on the way back from the local community college and our bus driver not only didn’t speak or understand English, but I think he’s hard of hearing as well. I was halfway back in the bus since students had taken the front seats and I didn’t think it was going to be an issue, but he kept asking questions that I could barely hear, let alone understand. The drive is pretty straightforward, but he still seemed pretty confused. I ended up relaying messages up to him through the students that were closer to the front.

I feel sorry for the poor old guy. I really do. I mean, who knows how long he’s been driving that bus around the same routes. BUT these older than dirt bus drivers scare me. It’s never a good sign when the driver is leaning forward and squinting! O_o


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  1. Ah. April Fools. Christmas for humor on the internet! Love it.

  2. I thought tweeting something yesterday about that April Fool’s blog Aaron posted. Then I recanted because I just figured it was an old joke that wouldn’t be funny anymore … at the time it was funny to me.

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