What do allergies and gaming have to do with each other?

Nothing really… Other than the fact that I’m talking about both in one blog post! (^_-)

Not feeling so hot this morning so I used a sick day. It’s just allergies, but they’re hitting me pretty hard. I haven’t been able to find an allergy medication that works for me. Today I’m trying Benadryl again. Last time I tried it was a long time ago and it made me kind of loopy so before I try it on a work day, I want to take some when, you know, my career’s not riding on it! I hate allergies. (-_-) On the upside, though, it means that I get to blog from WordPress which is SO much better than blogging via email for some reason. It just feels right.

In gaming news this week, it’s official. Final Fantasy XIII is awesome! I’m totally loving it and even more awesomely, Aaron likes it! He’s quite a bit pickier when it comes to RPGs (Role Playing Games for the uninitiated or as I like to call them interactive movies.) than I am and he HATED the last [real] Final Fantasy game so I’m really happy that he likes this one. In fact, as I’m typing this, he’s locked in battle with some sort of lizard-plant boss creature. It makes me happy. :)

And in other husband-related gaming news, Aaron has quit World of Warcraft. And yes, I know that everybody does that every now and then and usually they come back at some point but, he deleted all of his characters and gave me all of their gold. I mean, I’ve quit before and I’ll quit again, but I don’t think I could get as serious as actually deleting all of my characters! I wince at the very thought. In tribute to the toons that have fallen, here is Aaron’s undead Death Knight fighting a tree:

Phallen, you will be missed.

Moving right along, I also got a new Nintendo DS XL this weekend. I’ve always been primarily a portable gamer since I got my first gameboy when I was ten or so. Since it was mine, I didn’t have to fight my brother for play time like I did with our NES and every consecutive console we had after that. It wasn’t until college when Aaron, my then boyfreind, bought me a Playstation 2 all of my own that I really started playing traditional games. And boy did I love my PS2! Still have it, actually. (^_^) Anywho, I’d been using a borrowed DS lite for months since one of the hinges broke on my lovely red and black. I’d been kind of dragging my feet about getting a new one but it was time and the XL comes in a lovely burgandy color.

Thing is, though, that the XL is just that: Extra Large. It’s huge! I’m having to relearn how to hold a DS since my old method of pinkies supporting the bottom overextends my hands when I need to use the shoulder buttons. Which is most of the time with some games. I’m not sure if I like the mammoth thing yet. It seems to be perfect for older people with the larger screens and the burgandy color wouldn’t look out of place on the desk of a sixty year old man… Yup. I think I bought an old man’s gaming system! (ToT) My poor, sleek little black and read beauty sits broken and unused while I try to learn how to this monstrosity! Tradgedy indeed.

Really, though, I’m just resistant to change when it comes to new devices. I always miss the previous one I had. AND my new XL has a camera! I would post one of the pictures from it, but I’ve only taken pictures of the cats and the pictures from my actual camera are better. (^_^)


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  1. Phallen looks so tiny. Like he’s wielding a fiery needle. Good bye, World of Warcraft. I shan’t miss the grind.

  2. i swear by zyrtec d for my allergies/sinus issues. and thank god, this was about gaming AND allergies cuz i got nothing when it comes to gaming.

  3. That! is a really big tree!

    And for allergies, I usually run to Advil Allergies and Sinus. It usually does the trick for me or I’d be sneezing and sniffling all day. And it lasts around 6-8 hours so just enough to get me through work!

    On the other hand, it has a chance to make you sleepy but it doesn’t all the time so it may be good to have some caffeine with you if you decide to try it.

    • I’ll have to try it. I’m open for anything that makes me feel like I don’t have stinging wads of cotton in my sinus cavity and helps with the sneezing.

  4. You play wow?! That rocks hard core. I used to play and have a horde sticker on my car.

    • I play draenei, mostly, since my husband wanted to play alliance and they’re the most interesting of the allies. My heart belongs to the tauren, though! :D

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