Retry: I went home early yesterday but it wasn’t fun… O_o

*I posted this by email this morning and apparently it didn’t go through… This is attempt #2

I thought of a witty title but now I can’t remember it. Not cool.

I find it fairly irritating that WordPress is still blocked at work. Usually, when this sort of thing happens, it’s gone within the day and after a few days at the most. Hopefully, that will prove to be true this time as well. At least they haven’t blocked Pandora, although I have contingency plans for when that happens as well. Hooray for CD sets that have titles like “Spanish Café” and “Classic Relaxation”… I don’t know what I would do without them.

But blog blockages (ew) are not, in fact, what I intended to write about today. For those of you that don’t follow me on Twitter, I went home early yesterday with a case of tummy woes. My stomach had been feeling a little queasy during the later part of the morning, but after eating lunch (stupid me, thinking it’s okay to eat lunch and stuff) it just got worse so I took a half day and languished on the couch for the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening. My wonderful and caring husband even went out and bought me ginger ale*, which, for some reason, is my go to drink when my tummy is upset.

I kept hoping that it would magically go away. That it was just a momentary thing that would *poof* away, but it didn’t. Sure, it ebbed and flowed. There were ups and downs. So much so, that there were several times when I was sure that it was over. But then –BUT THEN– I would shift or stand or even do absolutely nothing and ::gurgle, gurgle:: away we went again. Isn’t random nausea fun? I even went to sleep with terrifying visions of some kind of involuntary expunging taking place in my sleep and a rude awakening for me and Aaron. (I have a problem with the idea and pretty much any word that has to do with ::shudder:: vomit.)

The weird thing was that even though I felt nauseated and bloated and felt sure that any moment I would feel the urge to run to the bathroom, it never happened. I never actually felt like I needed to throw up. There were a few times I would have been delighted to, just to get some relief, but alas, nada. Aaron actually suggested that it might make me feel better but there is no way I was going to make myself. Ugh!

Anywho, it’s morning now and while my tummy does feel better, thank the Light, it still feels a little tender. I am so not risking a repeat of yesterday and will therefore be subsisting on various liquids today. I might eat a banana at some point if I feel a swoon coming on. (Don’t worry. I don’t faint from hunger. I’m just being melodramatic.) Hello giant bottle of water and massive sized Gatorade. Will you be my friend?

*On a completely different note, just thinking the word ginger ale makes the line in “Inside Out” by Eve6 play in my head. Seriously. Every time. Which means every single time I type “ginger ale” I hear: “I think sick like ginger ale”. Sometimes I hear more. Sometimes it’s just that line. How odd. Apt, but odd.


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