Favoritest Spring Break Moment… We are really very boring people.

Saturday night we stayed in watching movies. Aaron is majoring in film and so he was supposed to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean for the midterm, looking at all the technical aspects and plot progression and dialogue. It’s really fun to look at a film and examine the process that goes into making it and pick out all of its flaws but be able to still see why it works. We finished it, amazed by the difference between the first movie and it sequels.

We ate dinner and decided to watch another movie. We had been working out way though the original Star Wars trilogy and Return of the Jedi was up on the docket. Again, great fun discussing why certain things worked and looking at some of the amazing set designs (for the time) and feeling a little sad that CGI is becoming the new thing.

Once it was done, it was already late, but I didn’t want to go to bed. Aaron put in the original edition of Return of the Jedi (Yes, we have multiple editions of the same movie. We are huge geeks.) and skipped around, comparing scenes and cursing George Lucas for changing the iconic moments of his youth.

At this point we had already stayed up entirely too late but I still didn’t feel like relinquishing what was left of my weekend so Aaron put in Revenge of the Sith. As the movie progressed we berated the bad dialogue and horrible lighting choices, again amazed at the differences between the earlier movies and the more modern movies. The movie finished with both of us rolling our eyes.

At this point, it was around 3AM and for some unknown reason, Aaron decided to play with the special features of the movie and turned on the French dub. We watched the final horrible scene in French, smothering giggles as Darth Vader screams “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!”. We then watched it again in Spanish to more spasms of giggles. Curious about the “why” behind that ridiculous scene, Aaron turned on the commentary and we giggled some more over the reverence the people making the movie seemed to have for what we saw as silliness.

Finally, Aaron turned the French dub back on and we watched a random scene with Yoda and some other characters talking. There were a few giggles, but then I started miming twirling a mustache with one eye cocked at Aaron and we LOST it. We were laughing so hard it hurt, but we were also trying to be quiet since we try to be good neighbors. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. It took me back to summer and staying up so late that everything is hilarious and laughing so hard that you’re sore the next day. Good times. Good times.


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  1. love love love the graphic!

  2. Indeed. You should make one of him holding an eclair saying “NOM!”

  3. Thanks! I wasted a bunch of time yesterday drawing him in paint. I even googled pics so it could be accurate. I’m such a geek! :)

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