Phantastic Photo Phriday: Part Three!

This week is going to be a little light. I forgot my camera at home for a few days.

I acquired this little “gem” when I was working at a local coffee shop. They had a few ceramic chefs around the store and a customer knocked this one over and his head broke off leaving the rest of him intact. I took him home and stuffed a stuffed monkey inside and what you see before you is the result. I give you the monkey chef:

And continuing the animal mishmash theme… This little pig was up on a shelf above the bathrooms at a bar and grill we went to recently. I meant to get a better picture before we left, but it *ahem* totally slipped my mind. I really did like the Elvis Pig:

Last but not least we have one of my favorite figurines. I’ve had him since I was eighteen and I worked with a lady that conducted estate sales. No one wanted this poor little chipped pig, but I fell in love with him. When no one bought him by the end of the sale and he was going to get thrown away, I took him home. Doesn’t he have the most delightful expression? How could I not take him home with me?


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  1. I seem to recall it being my idea to stuff the monkey in the cook.

  2. Yup. An original TY Beanie Baby, no less. His name was Congo and he plays guitar, I believe.

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