Spring Break at the beach…

I THINK NOT! We may live an hour and a half away from South Padre Island but there’s no way we’re fighting the crowds and drunken masses just to get too much sun! No thank you!

Really old picture... I think I took this with my phone.

Ah! And so begins Spring Break and I have no doughnuts! I can’t promise that there will be much in the way of content this week since I plan to do a whole lot of nothing but I’ll try to still be dazzling and interesting! :)

Spring Break also means that I’ll more than likely be spending less time on the computer which in turn means that I’ll probably be getting behind on blog reading (again). So, if I neglect to comment on any fabulous things that are out there this week, you have been forewarned!

The biggest thing I hope to get done (other than a whole lot of relaxation) is some writing. We went to Big Corporate Book Store yesterday and the longer we were there, the more annoyed I felt. I was looking at all of the random books and horrible titles and strange ideas and I kept feeling the little writer on the inside screaming at me: “Why not me?” And the only answer I had for that little voice was that I haven’t been writing. SO! I’m going to dive back in after the uber burn out of NaNoWriMo and this time I’m going to try to do this in a more orderly and SANE fashion. Wish me luck! :)


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  1. do it. get the three Rs: rest, relaxation, and writing.

  2. Good Luck! And reading your most recent post, a little rain is perfect to keep you indoors to write up a storm. Ha – storm, rain. OMG, nevermind. Just ignore me.

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