Phantastic Photo Phriday… TWO!!

Today’s photos are coming from trips to San Antonio we took last year. Enjoy!

I figured I would start with our “reason” for going to San Antone in the first place: Broadway shows at The Majestic!

June 2009 - Wicked

December 2009 - The Lion King

While walking through the city we came across a church that had this to one side:

And I just loved this sign and had to take a picture. I know they’re probably commonplace in some areas, but not around here:

Love it!

And last but not least, I don’t remember where I found this guy but he was just cool enough to take a picture of him:

How you doin'?


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  1. love the fallout shelter and hybrid car charge parking ones(never ever saw anything like that).

  2. Have you ever read the book Wicked? It’s pretty freaking fantastical. I hope one day I’ll get around to seeing the musical.

    • I read the book after seeing the musical. Both are awesome, but the stories are completely different! Whereas the book is dark and has kind of a depressing vibe, the musical is pretty much what you would expect from a musical: light and airy and fun.

  3. Nice … I forgot about the Fall Out Shelter pics. Good times. :)

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