I’ve definitely got a bad case of “yay”bies!

I figured after yesterday’s downer post, I would talk about all the stuff going on right now that I’m happy about! I’m trying not to dwell on negativity, but sometimes I just have to let it all out.

Kind of a disjointed post today, but I’m feeling a little scatterbrained, so it works.

So, after much discussion, I think Aaron and I have decided that while my current job is stressful and not exactly what I want forever, it pays the bills and better the devil you know, right? For now. I’ll keep my feelers out, but the plan is that next year (and maybe for as long as they’ll have me) I’m going to be staying at my current job and making the best of things. :)

Also, Spring Break is next week AND I have tomorrow off so I’m very excited about that! We have no plans and I know I intend to do a whole lot of relaxing and hopefully sleeping and maybe some swimming! When we did laundry yesterday, we saw that the pool is finally open again! :D

And, last but not least, we bought Final Fantasy XIII on Tuesday and my lovely husband was so kind as to let me have the first (real) go. It’s fun and the battle system is different that any other Final Fantasy game I’ve played but its hardcore easy (so far). I can’t decide if that’s a plus or minus toward the game yet as I’m only a hour or so into it, but as my usual reason for playing RPG’s is for the story, maybe it’ll turn out it works for me. We’ll see how it stands the test of time, but as of now, I like it! And as a big plus, there aren’t any characters that I can’t stand yet! :D


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  1. Where the hell do you live that you get to have your pool open in frickin March!?! JEALOUS!

    • We live in SOUTH Texas. It was 94 yesterday and we probably won’t dip under 80 until December. I’d like cool weather a little longer, but what can you do?

  2. Better than a case of the yay BEES! :O

  3. Dude! Where is South Texas are you? I’m in Austin….not south enough right? Any – who. I love that you’re so open about your gaming. That’s something most chicks would shy away from – and I love that you’re like: Fuck it – Final Fantasy is kick ass. Personally I like Lego Star Wars. :-)

    • We live about four hours south of San Antonio. I was actually in Austin in January for a teacher conference. We really love Austin and we’ve talked about moving there once Aaron graduates from college more than once!

      And hell yes I’m a gamer! (And the Lego games are super fun!) Always have been, probably always will be. :D

  4. oh and P.S. I like the new layout!

  5. yes alwasy embrace the scatterbrainedness! imagine being stationary. borfucking!

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