Because I know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath (just humor me) ::drumroll::

Hear ye! Hear ye! From here on forth (until I get bored), I shall be starting a new institution:

That’s right! Friday’s posts will be dedicated to sharing my favorite pictures! So without further ado, here goes.

We went out for a friend’s birthday last Saturday and I took an experimental shot toward the floor to test the lighting. It was pretty dark and the floor lights were red. I liked the dynamic of the redness with the feet and took a bunch more. This is my favorite:

What did I behold but a smiling face when I opened the new peanut butter jar? See? Happy peanut butter is happy to see you! 

The creating of things has always fascinated me and one day on my way home, I passed a sidewalk being constructed and just had to take a shot. It amazes me that those weird swoopy curbs will have feet treading them before too long:

And one last gratuitous proud pet owner pic. You’ll probably see a lot of pictures of our cats in these posts and most of them of Elliot because she’s so photogenic. I try and try to get good pictures of Molly, but she’s too twitchy so the search continues. Here’s Elliot looking for birds. It’s almost like she’s posing on purpose:


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  1. I think I recognize the feet of the guy in the first photo.

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