And then a giant brontosaurus…

Ah! Another TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills if you were wondering) day over, another ELA test completed and a little over a month before we get to do it all over again in April! <sarcasm> I can’t wait! </sarcasm>

But, really, I can’t believe how much creativity is utterly wasted by having absolutely no way to document my awesome thoughts… I just wrote “udderly waisted” due to the residual brain fog that set in sometime after 2 o’clock this afternoon… I kind of like it. It gives me an image of an insecure (and obviously bipedal) cow looking in the mirror and wishing she had a prettier udder. Or would it be udders? No, I think it’s just udder.

ANYWAY, I really gave entirely too much thought today to the whole telepathy thing and I kept running into new problems it would create that would again remove my ability to communicate with the outside world when I’m stuck “actively monitoring” a testing class. So, either they could have the students take the test telepathically, which would be really cool OR they would have to have some sort of telepathy dampening field that kept people from sharing info during a test OR they would have to monitor the transmissions…

Oddly enough, of the three, the latter is the most troubling to me. I can just imagine getting canned because I was going over higher level vocabulary or composing essays in my head just in the hopes that it might have some positive influence on my students. Not that I do that… ::shifty eyes::

I took a picture today that I may or may not have intended to include in this post (I don’t remember), but my camera is downstairs and my feet are killing me. Not gonna happen. Speaking of pictures, I’m planning something new for the blog soon that has to do with pictures, but I may not get a chance to implement it this week. We’ll see. :)

Here’s a random photo instead:

Note: Yes, I know that they’re not called brontosauruses anymore, but the title of this post is an example of one of the – less that stellar – things that actually went through my head today. Why?! Why is this one of the things that I remember instead of one of the magnificently amazing blogs that I composed in my head?! It’s just not fair.


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