TAKS Week Musings

Since I spent most of yesterday walking up and down the aisle of a testing classroom, I was given entirely too much time to think. I considered deep things and fluffy, frivolous things and lots of stuff that I could write or blog about but most of those ideas were there  in a flash and *poof* gone just as quickly. Something that I pondered long and hard over, though, is telepathy. Countless times I’ve been in situations where I find myself thinking, “Man! If I could just write/blog/tweet/text telepathically, it would be awesome!” Even being able to type via subvocalization would be sweet.

Then, of course, I had to examine the logistics of telepathic computing in the classroom. I was thinking about potential cheating and that we would have to put some sort of stasis field in place during testing days or some kind of monitoring of what’s being sent and then it just devolved into a big heap of frustration. If there’s going to be telepathic/subvocalization software I should be the only one that has it in order to not make my want a moot point.

::sigh:: Being logical is hard.


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  1. My school lets me blog and text principals and fellow teachers during testing. In fact today during our state test we had a group texting session to determine what time we could release the kiddos back to their regularly scheduled class hours. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t text snarky comments back and forth with my coteacher and grade level principal all day.

    • Oh, wow! That sounds fantastic! I was in a testing room all day today with nothing but my thoughts and I was DYING! And I get to do it again tomorrow. Where do you teach?

      • I teach at Roosevelt Middle School, an inner city school In Oklahoma City. We have over 80% Hispanic students, severe gang problems, ELL issues, staff that hates children and people of color, and are on the needs improvement list. Amazingly, I love the job and the kids, and even some of the staff. ;-) I teach 8th grade language arts. What about you? Where in TX are you? What grade and subject?

      • I teach ELA and a program called Read 180 at a school in the Rio Grande Valley (deep south Texas) that caters to 18 – 25 year olds that haven’t gotten their diplomas due to lacking a few credits and/or not having success passing the TAKS tests. It’s a tiny little campus that started last year. There’s only seven teachers and most of us have been there from the beginning. All of our students are Hispanic, as are the majority of people in this area, and almost all of our students are ELLs. I love the teaching part and helping the kids but I get frustrated with how things are run pretty often.

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