I’m not happy…

What the heck, Valley?! What have you done to me?!?! I used to be as warm-blooded as they came. Cold didn’t faze me in the slightest and I melted like a snowcone in a sauna with in the blistering South Texas summers. And now?! AND NOW?!?! You’ve turned me into a wuss and I am NOT happy about it! I’m not supposed to huddle under blankets when we relax in the living room at night. I’m not supposed to be ecstatic when one of the cats decides to sleep on my chest under said blanket (because kitties are nice and toasty). I’m not supposed to be so frickin’ cold! Drat you South Texas!! You’ve changed me!!

So, yes. It is cold outside today. 47 with a windchill of 40 and the wind is blowing. A lot! But it’s not THAT cold. I mean, geez! It’s frickin’ cold in the rest of the U.S. 47 isn’t a temperature that would strike fear into the hearts of anyone living north of the Mason-Dixon line, but blast it all! I’m FREEZING!

I’ve got your number South Texas. And somehow, you will pay!! ;P


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