Welcome to the Rio Grande Valley

Have I mentioned how much I hate the bipolar weather here?! The only consistency that we have is during the hot season (late spring – late autumn) when it’s just freaking hot all the time. Which, by the way, is a problem for me. I like cool weather. How did I end up here? That’s a whole other story and a whole slew of blog posts. But it just seems like as soon as cool air starts flowing into the area the weather can’t make up its mind.

Example: Monday night. I headed out around 8:30 to get groceries. I wasn’t sure if I should throw on a hoodie before I stepped out since I had been inside all day. (See yesterday’s post) I decided against it and I was glad I did: 80 degrees… EIGHTY DEGREES outside and a little humid. Needless to say (if you know me at all) this put me in a bit of a bad mood. It’s barely February for heaven’s sake!! My mood was not made better by the fact that I just HAD to go to Walmart. We were out of several things that they only sell at Walmart because HEB just has to be difficult that way! >:(

So, me+warm-when-it-should-be-cold-weather+Walmart+lady-with-bratty-kids-that-keep-bumping-into-me-in-line=bad mood. Just for the record.

Then, Tuesday morning rolls around. I’m getting ready for work. Didn’t make my awesome tea bag coffee because I have duty this week and I had to stop for gas so I figured I’d pick up some uber strong gas station coffee. La la la. Getting ready for work. La la la. Thin, billowy 3/4 sleeve shirt with a light cardigan sweater. La la la. I parked right in front of our door so I was outside for three seconds before I was sitting in the car. La la la. Driving to the gas station. La la la. Pumping gas. HOLY FRICK! FREEZING!!! What the heck?! (Why is it ALWAYS windy at gas stations, by the way?)

Not that I’m complaining about the cool front, but how did we go from a high of 85 on Monday to a high of 57 on Tuesday?!


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  1. Hooray for thirty degree weather spikes and dips! :-P

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