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I cannot describe how frustrating and heartrending it is to have a student that needs your help and says that they want it, but their actions tell you a completely different story. Working with young adults has its advantages but they also come with their share of problems and a whole slew of excuses. I’m sick of it. Most of my students are in similar financial and familial situations. They have families to support and most need to work. The students I’m talking about, however, are the ones that think that they are completely unique in this regard and should be given special treatment. What I fail to see is how this special treatment and all these excusses are going to be of any benefit to these students in passing the TAKS and getting the diplomma that they are here for.

This program is voluntary. If a student isn’t willing to put in the time and effort it takes to get the help that they need, I can’t see how we can help them. It’s not like we can take the test for them.


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