Huh… What? DANG IT!!

So, I had one of those instantly awake, flailing arms, launch out of bed, eyes wide open mornings. Aaron’s alarm went off and my eyes flung wide open, jerking to the clock on my nightstand. 7:30 and I’m supposed to be at work, a twenty minute drive, at 8:00. I scrabbled out of bed, bleary eyed and disoriented. How could I have slept through my alarm? I grabbed clothes, dressing quickly and launching down the stairs. I said a quick goodbye to Aaron, still curled up in bed. I think he mumbled something back. I grabbed my purse and laptop and rushed to the car. Traffic was slow, as always. (Why don’t people on the expressway know how to drive the speed limit? Ugh!) I managed to get there only a minute or two late. Phew!


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