More like a nightmare…

I had a dream last night that I was going to be teaching a class with one of my college professors. I was all excited, cause she was a fun lady and I really enjoyed the classes I took with her. First day of class rolls around and I get to the classroom early and she’s not there. (It was her day to teach. I don’t know that works but whatever. Also, I am aware that professors don’t usually show up to the classroom until right before class. I don’t know why I didn’t go to her office… It was a dream. Don’t question the logic.) I sat in a student desk and an older man walks in and informs me that he’s teaching too. At this point, I’m all “what the heck!” but I smile and sit and wait. The new guy sat near me, leaning all back in his desk like he thinks he’s awesome. Jerk.

So, finally, she shows up after the room filled up with students. She starts the usual “Welcome to class” rigmarole and proceeds to announce that the most important prerequisite for her class is College Success! (Which is an awful class that our local community college offers all about study and life skills. “Let’s talk about balancing our checkbooks and time management!” I actually teach a similar class of the same name at my campus.) I was ready to get up right then and there an walk out, future professorship be damned! But I woke up and had an “eh?” moment.


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