I’m sitting in my classroom. It is my conference period and I’ve got my door open. On my campus all classrooms open to an outside walkway so open door=open to outside. I keep hearing some dogs down the street, which is normal. But two different times when the dogs weren’t barking or anything, I’ve heard a pretty upset yelp. A painful sounding yelp.

The way that people around here treat their animals is upsetting. There, I’m upset. These dogs roam the neighborhood in packs, getting hit by cars (AND SURVIVING), chasing anyone walking down the road and being generally in poor condition. People don’t have the money to feed their families, let alone get their animals fixed, so, puppies all the time. It wouldn’t be so bad if they actually cared about them. Imagine packs of half-wild, half-starved, fearful dogs that know to stay far enough away that you can’t catch them but close enough to bark their heads off at you.

Why do these people even have dogs? (-_-)


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