I was talking to my coworkers the other day about the nature of the school that we work for. We all feel very fortunate to have been chosen to work here. The class sizes are small, there are only seven faculty members (which keeps drama and gossip at a minimum) and we are being given the opportunity to do something worthwhile. It’s humbling to be a part of a program that has helped over a hundred dropouts get their high school diplomas and a chance to go on to bigger things.

Most of our students have trouble with one or more subjects and almost all of my students have trouble with the English language. Some are only missing a few credits, but the majority have been unable to pass the TAKS test that they need to graduate. Here, they get more individualized attention and we are able to work on their weak points.

In spite of the privilege it has been to work here, my time will soon be coming to a close. (Budget cuts, oy.) I’m scared and nervous as hell, as I always am, to start a new job, but I’m looking forward to the positives. As I told my coworkers, it’s frustrating to be working only with students that hate your subject or are bad at it. I have to admit that it’s a little fun to be able to help a reluctant student find something that they enjoy reading, but I would love to work with at least a few students that could excel in my class without excessive coddling.

When I mentioned that desire, one of our veteran teachers seemed to understand. He smiled and told me that it was something that every teacher should experience at least once in their careers. He went on to say that this job was unlike any other and that if I can, I should stay, but I think I’m ready to move on.

I’m scared, but I think I’m ready.


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