I’m not a stalker, I swear!

I don’t know why this barely occurred to me, but I just realized that my blog title “I can’t stop loving you” could totally come off as some sad, desperate person, clinging to a lost love or something. How did I not see this before! :O

In reality, my blog title is inspired by a very dramatic and moving scene from “Metropolis” (an anime that I love) set to the tune of Ray Charles’ “I can’t stop loving you.” This was one of the first scenes in an anime that made me cry. I just loved the juxtaposition of the gospel style music and the images of destruction plus the love Kenichi (the boy) shows for Tima (the robot girl) even though she’s trying to kill him (it makes sense if you watch the movie) made an impact on me. Here’s the clip, if you wanna watch it:

I had only recently seen the movie when I created this blog oh so long ago and I titled it “I can’t stop loving you” and my banner was a picture from the movie. Ever a creature of habit, I’ve hesitated to change my title even though I’ve thought about it. Now more than ever, I feel motivated to come up with a new title for my blog. Any suggestions?


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Posted on January 25, 2010, in Clerical Stuff, Random. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. How about … “Gettin Jiggy With It.”?

  2. I remember you and Aaron showed me Metropolis along time ago. I remember liking it, but not really understanding it. Perhaps a second viewing would clear things up.

  3. Perhaps indeed. Perhaps our other friends would like to watch it. Perhaps a giraffe will lick my ear someday. All to do with perhaps.

    Ah Metropolis. Great film. But yeah, NO NAME CHANGE! It’s you, dammit!

    You couldn’t find an English dub of that scene. Got all turned around when they started speaking Italian. ;)

  4. I could totally go for seeing Metropolis again.

    And, no, there weren’t any in English.

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