Come on get happy! O_o

So, I was going to write a mopey, introspective post today, but it’s Monday and Mondays are bad enough without me glooming up the place. (Unless you have the day off today, which would be even more rude of me to be all bleak and self-important on your day off and on MLK day of all things! Talk about selfish!! Shame on me!) Instead, I’ll try to be upbeat and perky and wow all of you with my shining wit! What’s the old saying? “Fake it until you make it!” Well, maybe it’s not that old of a saying, but I’ve heard it so it works, I guess. Look at me!! I’m happy! Does it take a while, cause it’s not working yet. :P

Maybe thinking about cool stuff will help! I’ve really been wanting one of those single cup coffee pots by Keurig because they are obviously awesome and I stabbed our old coffee pot to death (which I thought I had blogged about, but apparently not) but the cheapest one is around 100 bucks and while I really like coffee, I just don’t know about that at the moment. I’ve been oogling them every time we go somewhere that sells them, but then rationality kicks in and screams “BUT DO YOU NEED IT?” which is a pretty regular thing that happens in my head that Aaron hates. Our conversations are usually as follows:

Me: Ooooooo! Shiny! I want one!
Aaron: Really? You should totally buy that!!
Me: ::sigh:: But I don’t really need it…
Aaron: What is WRONG with you?!

I’m also hesitant because of my last coffee related purchase disaster. For those of you that don’t know — cause I have SOOOOOO many readers — I was a barista at a local coffee shop for about two years and I acquired a taste for espresso based beverages made right (i.e. by me). Of course, after I left I was bummed that I could no longer make drinks just like I liked them and had to depend on the hit or miss skills of lesser coffee makers that were clearly not up to snuff. Solution: buy an espresso machine!

My intial glee at having fresh piping hot espresso and a steam wand at my fingertips quickly turned to disgust as I realized that the affordable espresso machine was a big pile of suck that dribbled out less that stellar espresso with little crema to speak of. Blech! It was soon downgraded to a glorified water heater to make hot tea until I realized it was easier to use the tea kettle on the stove. Lesson: “Buy cheap, buy twice.” And yes I know this doesn’t always hold true, but more often than not, when it comes to gadgetry, you really do get what you pay for.

Coffee machine, right… Back on track. A $100 dollar coffee pot isn’t in our budget right now, so I’ve been reduced to dreamily strolling by the appliance section with deep longing sighs and drinking tea at home. But yesteday, my world was changed…

Aaron and I were grocery shopping and we meandered down the bread/coffee/pb&j aisle. We needed both jam and bread, but I drifted toward the coffee, breathing deeply of the intoxicating aroma. My eyes flitted over the range of inaccessable chemicals and paused on a group of boxes I had never seen before. They were almost hidden, on the top shelf, shoved against the edge where the prepackaged stuff ends and the whole bean wonderousness begins. I did a slight double take, complete with head tilt. What was this?

I pulled down a box, and lo and behold, my eyes did not decieve me. Coffee in tea bag form… I couldn’t resist. Could this be the answer to my coffee problem? Purchase made, water heated, I poured the boiling water and waited the proscribed 60 seconds and dunked the bag for another 15. By the end of the process, I don’t know why, but I was suprised it looked like coffee. Sugar and milk added, I took my first sip. Verdict: not bad. Just like a PC, it gets the job done.

So, in the end, freinds, my coffee itch has been sated, but who knows how long I can resist the shiny lines and technological advances of the Keurig super coffee machine…


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Can I have some coffee now, please?

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  1. You mean like those Folger Coffee Singles? That stuff saved me when I moved into a new town with nothing but a mug, a plat, and a pot to boil water in.

  2. *plat=plate, by the way. :)

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